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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Sunday Highlight 99 - Solar Eclipse 2017

I'm putting this one up early. The folks I shared the event with asked, and I'm happy to oblige. This is the entire 3.5 (ish) hour eclipse compressed into five (5!) minutes. The middle four (ish) minutes run at near standard time. The eclipse itself is about time and a half (so a bit of slow motion.) The hour plus leading into and out of the eclipse is time-lapsed at a rate of one frame every 10 minutes. I hope you enjoy it.
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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunday Highlight 97 - Akizuki Action

I think I finally have the Akizuki dialed-in. Here is my first World of Warships game in her once I was out of stock and had my captain properly trained. And speaking of the captain, you could do this with a 14 point captain by dropping the two other 2nd level skills I have other than Last Stand, but having more points will make you just that much more effective. I mention in the video I trained Inertia Fuse for HE. I did this because the 100mm shells of the Akizuki SHATTER ON EVERYTHING if you do not. This greatly reduces the chance of setting a fire as well. If you expect to do damage, you must have this skill.
There will be a break of two weeks duration due to the total solar eclipse. The center line of totality is just a few miles north of my house, and I am getting the hell out of town for that circus. I'm going somewhere further east along the line of totality where there will be many people but not the circus we expect here. Until it's all over, have fun!

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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sunday Highlight 96 - Tirpitz and North Carolina vs Two Iowas

What happens when two tier eight battleships brawl with two tier nine battleships? Well, when one of the tier eight battleships is a Tirpitz the fight might be just a little more fair than you think. Just remember, the counter for a battleship isn't necessarily another battleship. Enjoy!
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