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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunday Highlight 90 - The Room Two

It's the summer Steam sale! Yay! One of the titles I found on sale is The Room Two. I missed out on The Room, but for a buck 24 ($1.24) I couldn't pass up The Room Two. Here is the first chapter. It is basically a tutorial and not all that difficult, so no spoilers here really. If you'd like spoilers, I can certainly post them. I plan on recording every room. That said, it tool 90 minutes for me to figure out the second room, so don't look for it on Sunday Highlights. ;-) I'll just do a playlist. Oh, and the eerie music is mostly non-game music I added to enhance the mood. See the credit below. This game is best played in a dark room. Enjoy!
Music by Epidemic Sound (

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