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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday Highlight 72 - Shiratsuyu Exposé Update 0.6.0

World of Warships update 0.6.0 brought tremendous, and much needed, changes to Captain Skills. They've reduced the skill "tree" from five levels to four, and broadened it to eight columns in four categories. This means captains will have a top skill like Concealment Expert with only 10 points, and will be nearly twice as skilled at maximum points than previously possible. Does that may a difference with the Shiratsuyu? You bet your arse it does.
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  1. I see you have a captain point left currently. I would think about getting turret traverse and ditching one of the level 1 skills.
    That way, if you get into a shooting match, you can actually track an enemy DD and evade at the same time...

  2. Yes! I got that while playing Thursday night and didn't even notice it until I was working on the video. I of course went right in and respec'd as it's really cheap at the moment. I dropped Preventative Maintenance and have done precisely what you recommend. :)


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