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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Sunday Highlight 63 - Farragut to Fifteen

It's not Sunday, but I'm going on vacation today. That means you get this one a day early, and it'll be the last one until after Thanksgiving. This game is the ranked battle that got me to rank 15, and the start of the tier VIII ranked play. Though I finished at the top of my team, I wouldn't say it was a grand accomplishment. Honestly, we should have lost this one. In a more meta sense, this is game showcases my current frame of mind about World of Warships. There is much meh. Playing to get good games to put on the channel is really making the game not fun for me. And if I'm not having fun, you will end up with games like this one: solid, but totally unimpressive. I'll be using the video hiatus to evaluate how to make the game fun for my again. Wish me luck.


  1. Enjoy your holidays. I'm glad to hear you take a while to find good matches to share. Makes me feel better about how many crap matches I go through before finding the ones I really enjoy.

  2. Too true! It's one in 20 tops. In New Zealand BTW. Having a blast. Cheers!

    1. NZ is beautiful - visited many times. The people also tend to be nice. Not surprised you are having a blast. :)


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