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Friday, August 26, 2016

Tank Time 1: Success in the Matilda

A couple of my better World of Tanks newbie games in the Tier IV Matilda. Trying to learn as rapidly as I can. Still fairly unsure of what "the good play" is, or even where I should go on any given map, but I'm learning lots every day. I was really surprised and stoked to get my first epic medal in the second of these two games!


  1. Just a question how did you get 6th sense so quickly? It is taking me ages, I am currently at 86% of the first perk with my best crew and it will take another 95.000 XP to activate it ...

    1. I spent a few dollars of real money I have to admit. A few weekends back, during GamesCon, Wargaming was giving a bonus for free XP conversion to crew training. By that point I'd made my Matilda an elite tank, so I used gold to convert the XP gained in her to free XP, and then used the free XP to train my commander.

    2. AH I did not know that you can use free XP to train crew. I just assumed (<--- big mistake there) that it worked like in WOWS where you cant do that. Thanks for the tip, I will use it to speed-train my Luchs commander.

      By the way, light tank drivers really have loads of fun...


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