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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tank Talk 1

I've went and done it now. I downloaded and installed World of Tanks. I'm done for; go on without me. No wait, I've a better idea. Why don't you watch me noob this from a safe distance? You'll at least learn what not to do, and perhaps I'll finally be funny.

Where did I start you wonder? On the advice of Ageing Jedi (see link below,) I went for the British Tier IV Matilda as my noob tank. His advice was spot on. The only thing negative I'll say about going this route is that on the NA West server in more than 90% of my games I am bottom tier. I'm not kidding. This video is one of the few games where I was top tier. Seems there aren't a lot of NA West players interested in tier IV tanks. Oh well, I'll just soldier on.

Aging Jedi: Matilda - Beating up the Tier 5's - World of Tanks

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