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Friday, June 24, 2016

Total War: Warhammer - A Newbie's Journey

Or what I didn't understand when I started my first campaign and really should have taken the time to understand.
There is one other thing you must learn to competently play Total War: Warhammer. You must learn all the command key controls because trying to do it all with a mouse is an exercise in frustration. So, to assist me with doing that I created a keyboard command picture I can keep up on my second monitor while I play. I make it available to those of you who read my blog. Please share it freely.


  1. Just so you know:
    You need every recuitment building only ONCE per province. That means that the barracks, which only go to level 3 anyway can be placed in one of the minor settlements. That leaves space in the capital for all the other nice buildings (e.g. Altdorf College of magic )

    1. That is an excellent point which I should have mentioned. Thank you!


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