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Friday, June 10, 2016

Fleet Friday: Patch 0.5.7 Incoming!

Yes, that's correct. has another patch up on the test server, and they've thrown it open to anyone who sets up a test account. It's easy and it pays. *hint, hint* I had some thoughts of logging into it and showing you some of the new changes, like the complete upending of the current ship upgrade module selection, but The Mighty Jingles, being seven or eight hours ahead of me, and not having to worry about a "day job" per se, not only beat me to it but did a really nice job of covering all those things I wanted to cover. So here, watch his video on patch 0.5.7. Enjoy!
Also, if you don't know who The Mighty Jungles is, then are you in for a treat. I highly recommend his YouTube channel - like over the top and all the way down the other side recommend. It's always a must watch and loads of fun!

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