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Friday, April 29, 2016

Fleet Friday: How Wargaming Is Making Players Pay Real Money for Update 0.5.5

World of Warships update 0.5.5 is out and I have had no problems with it. I don't run mods in my game client. But that doesn't mean the update hasn't affected me. Quite the contrary, my team was victorious in only one of my first four games in the Kagero on patch day. The first three games I played were losses, and I felt partially to blame.

My first loss was the best game of the losses. I sank one ship and had five torpedo hits on Islands of Ice placing me second in total points on my team. The second game I landed in torpedo hits at all. We were on Northern Lights and I went west and got around behind the enemy's base. The torpedoes I fired were all sighted in plenty enough time to be avoided. They were just too slow in both speed and rearm. The third game was little better as I landed only one torpedo on trap and did more gunboat type play than sneaky Japanese destroyer type play.
Most of my issues came from two things. One, the torpedoes on my Kagero now only go 67 knots instead of 72 knots when using the Torpedo Acceleration captain skill. Yes, I have confirmed they dropped the speed on the 20 kilometer torpedoes by 5 knots. I remember being all excited when they introduced Torpedo Acceleration because I was happy to give up four kilometers of range for the extra five knots of speed.

The second thing is the detection range on those torpedoes. It is now 2.5 kilometers! A New York could get out of the way of those torpedoes! Common Wargaming, I agree the torpedo spam needed dealt with but you've damn near made long range torpedo shots impossible on an open ocean. It's not so bad on maps like Atlantic or Land of Fire, but it's ridiculous on Ocean. I might as well just race in and try to be a gun boat.
Of course, that's exactly what they want us to do. They added a third torpedo option to high tier Japanese destroyers: the Type F3 torpedo. It has a speed of 81 knots with Torpedo Acceleration. It also does 400 more max damage than the Type93 mod. 1 and has a 14 second faster reload for me. The down side? With the loss of 20% to range they only reach out to 6.4 kilometers. That's the same as my Farragut at tier VI. I'd have to give up Torpedo Acceleration to have ab 8 kilometer range while losing five knots of speed.

But you know what bothers me most about this? It isn't the loss of range, or the increased detection range or the forced change to my game play. It's the fact that I am 1634 commander experience, two games at most, from getting my 15th skill point and Wargaming DID NOT give me a free skill point redistribution. 
To redistribute now it'll cost me 350 doubloons, real world money! That's a load of horse shit Wargaming. If you are going to make such a drastic change to a ship that relies so heavily on a commander's build you should at least give us one free redistribution. What you've done now is forced every Japanese destroyer captain to walk away from their ship or pay you to be competitive again. I'm sure there are some that say, "them's the breaks," and they aren't wrong. But it's also not fair to realize a profit from this change.

Now, you can all see I run a premium account and a doubloon surplus. I'll spend the damn money to create a commander build that will work under these nerfs. But not every player can do that, and you are royally screwing everyone who can't redistribute their captain skills. Would it bankrupt the company to give players one free redistribution after updates like this?  I think not. Step up Wargaming, before too many players step out.

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