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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

So Many Games; So Little Time

As I write this, the sun is an hour from setting on the second full day of spring (Monday for those who need closure.) By the time you read this though, I will be on my way to Norwescon39. It's the start of my convention season, and I wouldn't miss it if I can help it. And because of the convention, I won't be playing any online games until I return next Monday, though I do intend on keeping my posting schedule. I already have Sunday's highlight video prepared and ready to go. I'll come up with something to write about on Friday. I'm certain. It's not like there isn't a con to write about or anything.

But that's not what the subject of today's post is about. Today's post is about my current first world problem: having enough time in the week to play all the games I find myself wanting to play, and making the progress I want to make in them.
Merry Christmas you filthy animal.
I am only level 11 in the Division. It's been somewhat slow going for me over the last week or so. That's for a few of reasons: some related to The Division itself and some not. What's slowed me down about the game itself is my own CDO. That's like OCD, but the letters are alphabetical AS THEY SHOULD BE. Yeah, I circled back around through the starter zones to finish every little mission and pick up every little piece of information. That and I absolutely love stalking the streets and head shooting filthy animals, or clearing out an apartment complex full of filthy animals. It wasn't until last Friday that I got back on track to progressing by moving into the next area more appropriate to my level. And even at that, I decided to do side missions, etc., rather than take on the storyline mission there. I just didn't feel like taking on the Cleaner's leader. I hate those damn flamethrowers. That is unless I can hit them with my marksman rifle first and blow up the filthy animals. It's always very satisfying to see them panic when I puncture the tank and it's starts to cook off. I will eventually tire of that and continue on with the story line. But unlike some players, I am in no rush to get to the end game no matter when they release the first update.
Flawless Victory! ...wait, wrong game.
Another reason I've advanced so slowly in The Division is XCOM 2. I haven't even finished my first playthrough of XCOM 2. In fact, I hadn't played it in over two weeks! It isn't like I'm not doing well at it - or well enough. Here's the mission complete screen from my last retaliation mission. It's practically impossible to not lose a civilian on these missions, but I felt pretty good only losing two on a mission that took  a dozen turns to complete. That and no one was wounded!
Promotions all around!
It was a bonus when half my squad earned promotions, including the first earned to Colonel! As you can see from the screen capture, I am currently running a squad with two rangers, two grenadiers, a sniper and a specialist. I really don't have anyone else trained, and I know that will bite me in the butt later if not sooner. But this is still my first playthrough, so I'm still learning. The biggest hold up in the game is that I lack Elerium Cores so cannot build anything that uses them, and I don't have enough supplies for power armor AND plasma weapon upgrades. Operating on the principle you don't need armor if you kill them first, I will upgrade my cannons and then go for the plasma lance. But that will likely take two months, and then possibly a third to get power armor. And the clock is ticking, for the second time. I'm going to have to assault an Advent site in just over 20 days, and I won't get my resupply for another 17 days. You know, I don't know if the stress of this game's deadlines makes up for the fun of it's tactical play. The deadlines are too much like my RL job to be thoroughly enjoyable. Yes, it gives me a sense of accomplishment when I make a deadline and therefore do not lose the game. But hell, I get the same thing at work all the time. I don't want my games being stressful in that same way. You know what I mean? Still, I do enjoy the rest of XCOM 2. It's a game I'll be playing again and again I'm certain.
75% win rate!
And speaking of games I play again and again... and again... and again... there is World of Warships. I had a really good weekend for the most part. I played Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which is more than I can say for The Division or XCOM 2. WoWS has really become my go to game for enjoyment. I feel little stress when I play, and even losing doesn't bother me that much unless I lose four or five matches in a row - which happens. But not this weekend. This weekend I was on a tear. Even the one match we lost last night I had a blast because I got to stuff a bunch of Russian torpedoes down a Nagato's throat for a devastating strike award. And it was a nearly full health Nagato too! Of course, he was nearly full health at our base because our western effort on The Land of Fire was so inept, but I've come to understand the nature of random battles and that losses are inevitable because even if I was the most skilled player in the game that won't offset the unwise play of others - or their desire to earn a ramming badge when the loss of their nearly full health ship was the difference between winning and losing. I didn't hold it against my fellow DD player for ramming their carrier instead of using torpedoes. It was actually quite funny. And yes, I was already sank at that point and was being a spectator. But even though we lost, my Wickes was top gun. I stuffed a boat load of U.S. torpedoes down a South Carolina's throat for a devastating strike. Unfortunately his last salvo took out most of my health and made me easy pickings for the N├╝rnberg right behind him.

And that's the nature of my first world gaming issue. I've so many games to play, the limited time I have gets divided up between them diluting my progression rate to something less than everyone else. That doesn't actually bother me, but I need to apologize to any friends out there who'd like me to already be level 30 in The Division so we can Incursion together. I'll get there my friend, sooner or later. Until then, have fun in all you do. The same goes for the rest of you. Thanks for reading and catch you all later.

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