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Friday, March 11, 2016

Fleet Friday: My First Tier IX Ship

I haven't mentioned this yet, but I finally had enough credits and experience last Friday to research and purchase the tier IX Japanese destroyer Kagero. tl:dr - I really like this ship. This is my first tier IX ship. It's expensive to even leave port and I was afraid it'd be a money loser like the New Orleans was for me months ago. But I've had really good luck in her so far. I've fought five matches in her and been victorious in four. I've not lost any credits, even in the defeat, and that's a goodness.
 I have taken a premium smoke generator for which I pay doubloons rather than credits. 
Otherwise it's what you'd expect to see on a Japanese destroyer: decreased chance of torpedo tube incapacitation, faster torpedo reload, decreased chance of flood and fire, faster rudder shift and concealment. The one upgrade I've not yet purchased is Torpedo Tubes Modification 3, which reduces the torpedo reload time by 15% but increases the chance of incapacitation by 50%. That basically means don't get hit. And per my personal meta I've purchased all components except the C hull. That trades a main gun turret for more AA and frankly that's not going to happen with me. I'd rather have the extra turret when I need it. The C hull AA is still so bad it's not going to make the planes less accurate anyway at this tier. If I see planes coming I'll go hide next to a cruiser or something.
My captain only had 14 skill points. I am working on the magic number 15 so I can take concealment. I've put four points into placeholder skills I can easily relinquish using doubloons again. The only choice that's going to hurt is giving up one of the level two skills. Last Stand is a must, but Japanese destroyers are most effective when they don't have to wait forever on a reload. So far I've easily survived all five games, so it's tempting to let Last Stand go. But I'm certain the game after I do that will show me the stupidity of that decision. Harrumph. Of all those skills though, there is one I can point at that makes this ship very effective. That's the new level 3 skill Torpedo Acceleration. The Type 93 mod. 1 torpedoes have a range of 20 kilometers. This skill reduces that to 16 kilometers. What you get for that range decrease is a torpedo that races to its target at 72 knots! It makes a big difference. The less time the torpedo is in route the less chance the target has to change speed and/or direction. And if the ship has no advanced warning of the torpedoes from a plane or an ally, they have significantly less time to react. The effect is more than the 5 knots would seem to allow, as the speed and distance algorithms in World of Warships are not real work accurate. One knot is about 2.6 meters per second in game from what I've read, so those five knots equate to 13 meters per second. The normal detection range for the Kagero is 2100 meters and it takes the type 93 mod. 1 torpedoes 12.1 seconds to reach a stationary target in game. Increasing the speed of the torpedo those 13 meters per second shave an entire second off that reaction time. It may not seem like much, but it's the difference between avoiding the entire spread and getting nailed by at least one of the little beasts.

Anyway, that's probably enough for this post. Leave me a comment if you have any questions about the ship or what I've done with her. I'd like to say I'll be playing lots of matches in her this weekend, but I've also got the U.S. destroyer line to work through and at the lower tiers it's a guaranteed credit earning endeavor! Besides, I am having just too much fun in the Wickes even though I've already researched the Clemson. I've had 14 battles on the Wickes and I'm running just over a 78% win rate! 

Oh, and there's also the little issue with my having purchased The Division today. *eyes ceiling* Man, I've really done it now. I've got World of Warships, Armored Warfare, XCOM 2, Master of Orion and now The Division all demanding play time. It's a good thing spring had sprung and someone left the sky spigot on. At least I've a convenient excuse for never leaving the house. Have a great weekend and I'll have a Sunday Highlight for you at the end of it. Cheers!

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