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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Am I just having a bad run of luck, or do I suck too?

As you can see on from this graph, I was having quite a good run in World of Warships from December through the middle of January. But that came to a crashing halt a few weeks ago. Then it proceeded to pick up again, and then it crashed again. The source of the problem? Well, either I am getting very unlucky about the matches I'm place in, or I suck too.

Let's get on thing straight right of the bat. I am not a playmaker, I am a team player. I am not the sort of World of Warship player who can typically hard carry a match. However, I am very good in a group and contributing to victory as a team effort. But lately it seems the team has been just plain stupid about their game play.
For example, I was in a match the other night in my Fubuki. As you can see, I'm pretty damn good in the Fubuki. It was a Land of Fire match. I was on the far east side, where all the little islands are. I hate those islands in the Fubuki. It's too easy to get ambushed. But the other 13 players on my team went to the far west side of the map - all of them. In chat I said, "If you all go west, the enemy will blitz the center or east and we'll lose." The team ignored me. In fact, there was no chat at all. Nothing. So against my better judgement I went to the east side of those islands to scout. There I ran into a BÅ‚yskawica, a Pensacola and a New Orleans. Guess how long I survived? Hint, the BÅ‚yskawica was 4.1 kilometers away when we came around the island and spotted each other. Guess which way the enemy fleet went? Guess which side lost? It was dumb play on my team's part.

And that wasn't the only incident this past weekend of extremely dumb play. Picture this. You're on the Northern Lights map, so north with pretty lights and a gorgeous moon. It's a capture the base scenario. Half your team takes off up the far east side where D is on the domination scenario. And they keep going. They don't turn west and they don't even threaten the opponent's base. Meanwhile, the opponent makes a concerted push up the three line with all their battleships and half of the remaining ships minus the carrier. You call for help, but no one on the east side is answering. A Fubuki cannot hold the base - ever. Guess who wins?

These are just two of the really bad games I've been in. On Saturday night I had five straight defeats in my Tirpitz and I was high scorer in four of those matches. I was so disgusted I stopped playing for the night on a loss. I've never stopped with a loss. It's not good for personal moral, but neither is doing everything you know how to win only be to be thwarted by the idiots on your own side.

Or is the problem that I suck too? For example, I haven't gotten a Kraken Unleashed yet. I've never earned Confederate, and I've only earned high caliber five times in 891 battles. And let's face facts, I've lost more battles than I've won even if it is very close. I can't help but wonder if I'm rising to my level. Is mediocrity about the best I can hope for here? Yeah, those thoughts are really just depression making noise. It's hard not to get down when you're getting it handed to you game after game. Hell, I had a victory on Atlantic in my Fubuki Monday night and still lost 9000 credits. I'd sunk a very low health Khabarovsk with my guns (only contribution to the game,) but that allowed an enemy cruiser to spot me. I stopped firing, turned around and tried to drop off. I sailed right into the Khabarovsk 's hail mary torpedo launch. That really sucked, and you could take that both ways.

This week announced they are working on team battles. It'll run like ranked battles, except you get to choose who's in your fleet. I'd like to give that a try. However, finding a fleet with less than a 50% win rate, even if it's close, it probably not going to sell well. I could point out there are certain ships which I am markedly better than the so called average. My Kiev stats are arguably even better than my Fubuki stats.
Perhaps perspective teams would take individual ship statistics rather than overall statistics. Would that mean I was good enough to get on a team? Who knows. I suppose. In EVE Online I could get into most player corporations. However, some were highly selective and would reject me without a blink. Some were ideologically selective. Some were statistically selective. Some were not selective at all so long as you paid your taxes.

I'm not particular about who I team up with other than they play ethically and strive to improve. I like ranked battles as I find the cooperation to be extremely in earnest. All seven players want to win, so everyone plays together towards that goal. It works for me. Random battles are always so... well, random. They're like a box of chocolates and Forrest Gump is holding the box.

Anyway, thanks for letting me get all that off my chest. It's not like I'm going to stop playing World of Warships. I am hopelessly addicted to naval combat. I dabble in Armored Warfare too, but I don't find it nearly as compelling as World of Warships. When it comes to armored vehicles, been there and done that IRL. Naval ships are a whole different thing. Anyone remember the really old text based game North Atlantic '86? Oh yeah, I used to play the hell out of that. World of Warships is way better. Alright, that's it. I'm done now. Hope everyone reading this is having an excellent day. Cheers!


  1. A game company known to give a 50÷ win, and will silently adjust rng to cause this.

  2. I am leaning towards poor team play myself. I was in eight fights and the same things were happening, no cross chat with a plan; entire team rushes the west, leaving a AFK battleship and a AFK cruiser to defend the base; battleships trying to cross middle and losing half the fleet to one/two dessy; LOTS of tough talk, only to die on first contact ... TONS of silly mistakes ... and I stayed in the top three for every match ... even though I took a (L)oss for all of them.

  3. Sometimes an entire team lemmings off and gets owned 10v3. Idiots happen in online gaming.

    I can't comment on battleship or cruiser play so much being primarily a destroyer player, but the Fubuki is a ship I know well. Looking just at your stats, videos, and the one game mm put us in together you're not a bad IJN DD. You're winning 60% at T7 and 8, so you're doing something right. Your average XP is excellent, your survival rate is incredible, and your damage is low which fits your description of your play style - lots of caps (which wins games) but not carrying with kills, high caliber, or confederate.

    If I were to guess based on the information I have now, I'd say you're probably not taking enough of the right risks in your play or haven't quite gotten the hang of the slow 15 km torps yet. If that's something you'd like some advice or critique on, feel free to drop me a line.

    1. Thanks for the shout last night! That was a decent match. Our team played well. We sure did route them! And by we, I mean you and the other U.S. DD. I admit I stopped and watched the two of you burn that Atlanta down. That was awesome! I got four torp hits on one of the Amagi, but missed everything else. Fired my guns a few times. Captured nothing. Didn't you take top position on our team that match? :)

      As for the assessment of my capabilities, thank you, you are kind. I agree I need to get better on knowing when to take risks and when not to. I also know that'll come with experience. 819 games (823 now!) may seem like a lot, but there are many others whom I watch on YouTube that have twice that many games. I think it'll come - eventually.

      So, about those 15 km torpedoes, I've not upgraded to them. I don't know if they are worth it. With only three salvoes of three, it seems to me the dispersion at 15 km would be far too wide and easily avoided. I'd appreciate your advise on them. Are they worth it, or is the faster 10 km torpedoes more effective? Do you think the new commander skill that increases speed 5 km for a 20% decrease in range will make the 15 km torps more effective?

  4. Mabrick,

    Been following your blog since u started blogging about EVE. Give me a shout out in game and we can division up a bit if you're interested SLyOneFirst. Additionally give "" a look at, good team, good TS with training sessions weekly various days and topics so opportunities to learn different tatics and strategic uses of various platforms. You can also give me a shout for a tour and visit if you like. Good luck and have fun.

    1. Sa-weet! Thanks for following the blog, and for the invite. I'll certainly give a look!


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