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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Star Wars Wednesday: The Continuing Adventures of Caius Mabrick

The episode above takes Caius from level 35 (or so) to level 45; from the planet Quesh to Balmorra to  Hoth, and beyond. He is on the hunt for Rogun the Butcher, to put paid the criminals attempts to assassinate Caius and his friends. And there's that whole business about  a war with the Sith Empire with which to contend as well. Fun all around!

Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) has been a lot more fun than I thought it would. So far I have pretty much just stayed with my main character mission line as well as the Republic mission line. I have been putting in four hour, five hour and longer play sessions through the Thanksgiving holiday and the recent unpleasantness. That has allowed me to basically power level.

In fact, leveling seems to be too easy - not that I'm complaining. I like how SWTOR down shifts your level to allow you to go back to other places for pickup missions. I still feel pretty overpowered. Still, while on Balmorra the MOBs actually managed to defeat me in battle for the first, and only, time. I ran out of energy, Corso went down and there were still two imperials with really large two-handed blaster cannons left. I got one, but not the other. So I revived on the spot and finished him off as well. It didn't slow me down hardly at all, but made me a lot more cautious about taking on large mobs with really freaking huge hand cannons. The only other close fight was with a Sith Lord in a really freakishly large hat hiding a goiter. 

He went down though, just like they all do.

At this point I've gotten all the companions my ship can hold. I find I like Corso Riggs the most. He's been with me since Ord Mantell. He's a good kid, and fights a ranged baster fight like I do. I am least likely to take Bowdaar on missions with me. Hearing Wookie all the time gives me a splitting headache. And though I really sympathize with is mistreatment at the hands of the Hutts, he wears it like a second fur coat. Risha and Akaavi Spar are quite nice to look at, and very competent too. I get along with them fairly well, but they really cramp my style at times. I took Risha with me last time I was on Nar Shaddaa, and there I ran into the Senator again. She really likes me, and I do mean in that way. I saved her life and she was very appreciative; wanted to show me how appreciative she was. I had to let the opportunity go because Risha was giving me THAT look. If Corso was there, he'd have just given me a wink and a nod and cleaned his blaster somewhere else for awhile. You know, like he did on Balmorra when I ran into you know who quite by surprise.

I recently became acquainted with Lunguss "Guss" Tuno and invited him on board. He seems eager enough, but I'm not sure how steady he'd be in a fight.

My stronghold on Coruscent is coming along well. I have a whole slew of droids in place now for making things, and enough furniture the place doesn't echo any more. I've not expanded it yet. I haven't really acquired anything to place in any expansions. Once I deal with Rogun and get the Sith issue dealt with, I can worry about outfitting a proper place to entertain guests and other dignitaries. I did get this really cool console contraption running a special mission for this guy on Alderaan.

I have no idea what it is, but it looks really cool in the entry room. I need to get me more of these things. And some paintings too. The walls are awfully bear. I'll need to consult closely with Risha. She has more fashion sense than I do, and I certainly want her to feel right at home in my place. But there will be time for all that later. For now, I need to end Rogun. I also need to see what I can do about the Senator's problems. You know, to help the Republic and all that. I am certain she'll be very appreciative of my efforts, and I always aim to please. By this time next week I hope to have accomplished all her goals. It's the least I can do.

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