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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday Highlight #7: Colorado Game Play Talk Through

This Sunday's highlight is an entire match. Don't worry, it's less than 20 minutes long... just. It is a representative example of how I fight my Colorado class battleship when faced with an enemy fleet having several tier VIII Tirpitz battleships. The game play is voice annotated for your elucidation. She is slow, and that needs to be taken into account, but she can deal damage with the other battleships of her tier and higher when played to her strengths. I hope it helps you get through the hell-grind that can be the Colorado class battleship.


  1. You play battleships completely different than me :) I watched that and really wanted to take control a few times.

  2. To be sure I am not always so conservative in my play. If you want a less conservative match you should watch "When the Going Gets Tough, Take the Fight to the Enemy" at Is that more like you play?

  3. Yes, more typical of what I see. Do you know the shift key will take you from one zoom to another and back without using the scroll wheel on the mouse? ;)

  4. Yes, I do but I trained myself so well with the damn wheel I can't make myself stop using it. I need to tape that damn wheel in place with duct tape!


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