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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Highlight #8: Isokaze Action

This Sunday's highlights are the first eight kills I made while captaining an Isokaze class destroyer in World of Warships. As my post on Friday related, my games in the Isokaze have typically been all or nothing sorts of games. I either get totally pwned by some cruiser, or I am the one pwning people. These highlights would be the latter. :D Showing you the former would just be shot after shot of my Isokaze fulfilling enemy DIAF wishes. That seems to be the consensus feeling of opposition players whenever they detect my destroyer. :o That level of animosity isn't really a surprise to me. It's how I feel when I'm in anything other than a destroyer. ;-) So, without further delay, here's my Isokaze in action. Enjoy!

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