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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Spoils of Exploration

I have returned to civilization! And what's more, I got to Darboux Terminal in the Kokondii star system on September 7, 3301 intact and with all the survey data from my journey to HD 167971 uncorrupted. You'll remember that was the star system with two black holes and a neutron star, which I reached and recorded some weeks back.

I can now tell you now the system netted me 216,281 credits for returning my complete survey data, with level 3 surface scans of all bodies, to Universal Cartographics. Here is the first page of the payout screen showing what the two black holes and the neutron star fetched.

You can also see on the left side of the display my starting balance before selling any of my data. I'll come back to that at the end with the finally summary. Before I give that information though, I want to list the systems that ended up paying me over a quarter of my total payout. One of them even paid more than HD 167971! This system didn't have a raw payout more than the multiple star system with two black holes and a neutron star which is HD 167971, but because I was the first to discover it the 50% bonus I received made it more valuable to me.

The most valuable system to me was actually PRU EUQ KZ-A B55-2! After my bonus it got me 258,329 credits by itself (172,223 base value.) I also have the satisfaction of all those lovely worlds having my name forever listed as their discoverer. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it,) the video record of that system is still sitting in my computer system unprocessed. I really pushed hard to get the data home, and covered over half the distance from HD 167971 in a single day. I didn't have time to do anything other than fly my Cobra Mark III and make coffee. I promise to upload it soon. [EDIT 9/9/15 8:30 PM PDT: Data processed. System PRU EUQ KZ-A B55-2 available in Video Catalog and linked above.]

The next five most profitable systems I sold were:

  1. COL 359 Sector HL-X D1-79 worth 210,001 base credits, but I was not the first to discover it.
  2. COL 359 Sector JN-J D9-62 worth 173,522 credits after bonus (118,819 base.)
  3. COL 359 Sector D11-97 worth 170,607 credits after bonus (113,743 base.)
  4. BLEAE THUA TQ-W B15-7 worth 145,307 credits with bonus (130,817 base.)
  5. BLEAE THUA DP-I C9-23 worth 133,135 credits with bonus (106,675 base.)
All totaled, those seven systems accounted for 1,307,182 credits of my haul. That isn't even a third of my total earnings, but I brought data back on over 100 systems, so these system values are well above the average system. I've linked my video record of each of these systems so you can see for yourself what a high value system us like. It might help you seek them out.

My final credit balance once I'd sold all my data was 10,271,198 credits. Looking back at the starting balance, I made a total of 4,776,184 credits. It was enough to raise me to the rank of Pathfinder within the Pilots Federation. Yes, it was a very satisfying, and rewarding, run.

Of the three skills the Pilots Federation recognizes, exploration is now my highest. My lowest is combat. Combat is not conducive to trading rare commodities as I was doing before, and while exploring the galaxy you just don't run into anyone to fight. However, now that I am back in colonized space and have more than two credit chits to rub together, I am going to work on those combat skills. I've decided I need to take up bounty hunting. Who knows, I might even join a faction. I've not decided on that yet. Politics leaves me feeling so greasy. So, expect some combat tales if not outright war stories in the future. Until then, fly careful.

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