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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Highlights #3: Killing Carriers

Carriers are big and hard to reach, and they have pointed teeth that can reach out and bite you. But when you reach them, they are a very satisfying kill.

I have not managed to kill many carriers, only a handful in over 310 PvP battles. :? They excel at staying behind their fleet mates. ;) About the only time you'll get close to them, unless you're in a destroyer, is near the end of a match. Perhaps distance is not a big deal if you're in a ship like the Yamato that can range almost the entire map, but I'm just getting into upper tier cruisers and have just researched the New Mexico class battleship, though I can't afford one right now. :/

When I had a nice one-on-one with an Independence class carrier this past week, I decided to see if I could put together five or six minutes of carrier kills. I could. There are only four of them, and I did not land the last penetration on one of them, but they do show the gambit of what you'll encounter when you get and opportunity to open up on one. Enjoy!


  1. I favour destroyers so I often try to sneek through between hostile DD's and planes to take some shots at BB's and carriers. Currenlty sitting in T4 carriers/bb, t4/5 cruiser and tier 5/6 destroyers.
    Maybe I should try not to level everything since I am constantly out of cash.

    Hard moving up from my tier V minekaze with 3 torp tubes that reload in 47 second to Tier 6 where I only have two tubes that take over a minute to reload. Almost every time you upgrade a hull you first do a small step backwards.

  2. I have started waiting until I have enough cash and experience to fully upgrade a new hull from the start before moving up. The stock hulls are frustrating to me. It slows my progression, but I have more fun. But I can tell you running only two lines will run you out of cash too.


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