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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sunday Highlights #2 - Destroying Destroyers!

They're the bane of the high seas. They pack more fire power than god. No, they are not the mighty battleship. They are the destroyers of World of Warships. While it is true they can't take much damage, they are fast and nimble. When well skippered they are hard as hell to hit. If you should run afoul of their torpedoes, you are done for, no matter the size of your ship. They can reduce a fully healthy battleship to a foundering wreck in less than 10 seconds. I hate them. I can't wait to play them.

Today's Sunday Highlight is all about killing destroyers. Here are the unlucky (or unskilled) destroyer captains who met their maker at my hands. A couple of these captains managed to trade up. Most only managed to have their ship disintegrate beneath them. Though I cursed one, they were all yummy. Enjoy!

As an added bonus to your Sunday viewing pleasure, I also give you this two-fer plus: 3 ships in 3 minutes, the first two of which are destroyers!

Edge games won't save you now! Don't you just love it when they run straight and true? I know I do. Muwhahahahahahahahahahahaha.

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