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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday Highlights #1

If you hadn't noticed, I've been captured by World of Warships. For all that Elite: Dangerous is beautiful, it isn't all that exciting when you're just exploring. New systems are awesome to find, but it doesn't make for much excitement over the long haul. And after six months of mostly trade and exploration, I was ready for some action.

That's where World of Warships excels. Every game is different. They may look the same, but that is only true in the broadest view. Each game unfolds uniquely for those playing. The game has hit a nice balance between team play and individual play. You can't win without the team, and the team can't win if you don't perform. When everyone performs, you win - usually. There are always exceptions. In one of my games late last night I was the second to last ship to go down leaving only our Langley class carrier. They still had two battleships and two carriers. But our team managed to capture all three bases and got to a thousand points before they could take them back or sink the carrier. The game was our victory.

As well as some fantastic play, I've seen some incredible blunders. I've been responsible for some of them. As was pointed out to me this morning, we all start out as noobs. It's interesting to me that you can play two games back to back in the same ship, even on the same map, and in one you suck bilge water while in the other you win the day. And sometimes winning isn't the most exciting adventure. Sometimes just surviving is enough to make the game worth playing again. When you're the last hope, and they can't quite sink you before the game ends. That's exciting too!

In the end, it's the not the kill, but the thrill of the chase that has me logged in for hours. But let's not kid ourselves, the kill is what makes the game. The opportunity to match wits with a human opponent and win. That's what PvP's about. And in honor of that, my first Sunday highlight video shows four of my favorite kills from the past week - and my favorite survival. You won't enjoy watching it more than I enjoyed playing. However, it is instructive and conveys just a bit of the excitement the game provides. Enjoy!

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