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Friday, August 14, 2015

Fire! (For real, and it's bad.)

I have not played any World of Warships today, nor am I likely to. It's difficult to get into a gaming mood when you see this out the front window all day.
Canyon City Complex AM
This began as two lightning started fires, but as the winds picked up today it began exhibiting extreme fire behavior and spreading through ground runs and spotting. What's extreme fire behavior you ask? This is extreme fire behavior.

If you look at the distant ridge beyond the two foreground hills, you'll see the fire crowning as it comes over a ridge. Said ridge is about 15 miles from where I sit as the crow flies. This fire is rapidly becoming a monster. It's already forced evacuations and is threatening the small historic city of Canyon City. A few miles south of that is John Day, Oregon: a city of several thousand people. No, it's not been a day to inspire gaming.

However, it has been a photography opportunity. I planned on shooting the Perseid meteor shower as there is no light pollution here. The smoke in the air has made that problematic. So I've been learning Magic Lantern which I recently installed on my Canon EOS 60D. I managed a lovely time-lapse this afternoon. Here is about 30 minutes of fire in about 30 seconds (you may want to click on it to open it in another tab/window.)

The wind has shifted since I took the 311 separate photos which comprise the time-lapse. It is now blowing the fire away from us, not that there was any chance of it actually running 15 miles. But with the wind shift is a predicted uptick in the already brisk winds. They are predicting 30 MPH winds tonight. There is also a fire cloud (think thunderhead) forming over the fire because it is so intense.
Canyon City Complex PM
May whatever providence exists in this universe keep the fire fighters safe tonight, and those whose homes are in harm's way.


  1. Good grief. Stay safe and let's all hope no one gets hurt, been enough of that already this season.

  2. Photo opportunity indeed. Those are excellent pictures.

  3. Thanks you for the post, so little accurate information available..


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