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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I Was That Guy

On Sunday I finally earned enough experience to get into the tier IV Phoenix class cruiser. It's not the shell slinging monster the St. Louis class cruiser is, but it came armed with torpedos! I'd seen lots of hurt put on ships by torpedos and I was eager to try them but not without a good deal of trepidation. When I said I'd seen a lot of hurt put on ships by torpedos, notice I did not say which side they were on. I've seen lots of friendly fire with torpedos as well.

With shells, if a friendly steams in front of you they take a little damage and curse your name, but unless they are already severely damaged they will be able to continue the fight. Recompense is made at the end of the game where you give up some of your money and give it to them for the mistake.

However, with torpedos you can sink even a fully healthy ship with one salvo. The damage potential is immense even if the range isn't. My Phoenix class cruiser torpedos do 11,733 points of damage EACH. Here, have a look yourself. I can fire three at a time. That's enough damage to sink most cruisers in one salvo even if they aren't already damaged.

And that's precisely what I did the first time I fired my torpedos.

[gallery type="rectangular" size="medium" ids="5425,5426,5427"]

And if you look very closely at that cruiser, you'll see it has a green marker above it. It was my own fleet mate. And though it is true he made a 180 degree turn and sailed right into their path, I still should not have fired when a fleet mate was in front of me. It's too risky. And to make matters worse, I didn't understand the technical limitations of my torpedoes and was woefully out of range. So it turned out I was that guy and all I could do was apologize and promise to get better.

And you know what? I did get better. I haven't torpedoed a teammate again. I am very cautious about when and where I fire my torpedoes. I've learned how to fire them on the run and not get hit myself. If you watch a few of my highlights on either Twitch or YouTube you can see that for yourself. I will not fail you again hartlen196817.

That's not to say I haven't had battles that frankly sucked. Like everyone else, I've had some really good battles (which I highlight,) and some really bad battles as well. In PvP you sometimes run into teams who obviously have some division synergy or perhaps just very experienced players who all do the right thing. When that happens, they can quickly turn a flank and roll you hard. It happens to the best.

What's important is how you handle it. This is not what you do.

[caption id="attachment_5428" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]WOWS Troll WOWS Troll[/caption]

Javlin007 was an ass (as well as a bad speller.) I told him so. He proceeded to ask me what I had done. I told him I'd played a game with some class. No, I hadn't sank any of the enemy. Me and another cruiser tried holding the left side by ourselves while trying to give our carrier time to escape and had our nuts handed to us. But that didn't bother me. I know I was trying to do the right thing. And besides, I was having fun doing it. Even after the troll opened his big fat mouth, metaphorically speaking, I still was having fun. That's the whole point, and if you aren't having fun even when you lose, the problem isn't the game, or your team. It's you. You need to take a good hard look inside, or go find something else to do.

Here is my promise to those I meet on the field of virtual battle:

  1. I will treat you with respect and never denigrate you for your performance.

  2. I will 'gg' (good game for those who don't know) my opponents, even if they are not like-minded.

  3. I will compliment you on good play, even if it is at my expense.

This is what it means to be a good player. It's not about whether you win or lose. It's about how you play the game. That is the true test of your character. And if you can't compliment, say nothing at all. But you should compliment. We all like to be recognized once in a while, and it's the honorable thing to do. And to prove my credo is not just so much smoke, I present this evidence.

[gallery type="columns" size="medium" ids="5429,5430"]

I did not see Budw3iser emerge from behind the island while following the cruiser I was intent on sinking. In one well-aimed salvo he ended my threat to the cruiser ahead of him. It was a perfect shot which took me from half hull to no hull. Well played sir; battle on.


  1. I am an avid world of tanks player haven't tried WoWS yet. Just wanted to comment on the "gg" you've mentioned: Always let the team that lost say it. A lot of players, myself included, consider a "gg" from the winning team an insult, especially if the battle ends with something like 15-2. So unless it's a really close battle, let the defeated side acknowledge if it really was a good game , then respond with gg or wp ;)

  2. Agreed. There are some instances where the score may be lopsided but the contest was very close, in which case gg may be warranted. I've been on a winning team only because of CAP. We actually lost more ships. Giving a gg then might be insult to injury. There is always a context, so using best judgement is always needed.

  3. I was in my Kongo in a match last night, top tier in the match and was crossing the T on a Myogi, Kawachi, and another enemy BB. Took one of them to half hit points in one AP salvo, getting ready to finish it off, doign ok on health (about 75%) and then I get a torp warning. Turned the camera around and saw four torp icons speeding towards me from a friendly destroyer just a km or two behind me. Hello Davy Jones locker!

  4. Played the game for the first time yesterday and a bit more today. This game is going to take away hours from other games. Or from sleep....


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