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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Great, Just What I Need: Another Addiction.

I am going to blame this on Kirith Kodachi. It's all his fault. He started blogging about World of Warships during closed beta and it really intrigued me - far more than World of Tanks or World of Warplanes. Those last two are a been there, done that for real issue with me. However, I've always been fascinated by naval combat. So I downloaded it last Sunday.

Fourteen hours plus of game play later I can't stop playing it. I love that if I have a quick 30 minutes I can start it up and fight a couple of battles. The plus part after the fourteen hours is because I can fire it up on my personal laptop during my work lunch break and get in three or four battles. I don't Raptr track that time, but it happened three times last week. It's quick. It's easy. It's fun!

Of course, that doesn't really say whether I'm any good at it. I'd like to think so. I'm nearly ready to move to a Tier IV Phoenix cruiser, and my St. Louis class cruiser is fully upgraded and deals more damage than a South Carolina class battleship. All I have to judge by at the moment are my stats, which are available on the World of Warships web site. I've played four PvP matches and my team lost in each one. My performance was possibly adequate. I've fought 55 Co-Op battles, and like some of my stats though I'm sure they're not l33t.

Mabrick Stats 12July2015 Mabrick Stats 12July2015

This game had even gotten me interested in live streaming on Twitch again. I'd pretty much given up on that because Elite: Dangerous doesn't really lend itself to live streaming as there is so much time spent just flying from planet to planet. I was also having no luck getting Open Broadcaster Software to work with my system since one particular Nvidia driver update late last year. But I really wanted to broadcast World of Warships, so I bought a 3-month license to XSplit Gamecaster and decided to give it a try. WOW! What a difference. It's way too damn easy to use. I mean, computers are supposed to be hard right? Well, XSplit isn't. Since putting it on my system a few days ago I've been dialing it in. I've managed to produce seven highlights in three sessions, and I've been uploading them to YouTube under a new playlist.


Five of the videos are 720p. The last two are 420p because it was late, I'd been at a family reunion all day and I just couldn't be bothered. Later today I'm going to try some 1080p broadcasting to see how bad the lag is. I'd love to stream 1080p at 60 f/sec... but Comcast. They're awful, but literally the only game in town - dammit. I could get a higher bandwidth connection, but only if I sign up for their stupid T.V. and/or phone service. I am so not going there. They can stick it. But hey, that's not what this post is about!

In the 59 total battles I've been in so far I've had some memorable moments. Here is one I still chuckle over. I was in a point-blank engagement with an enemy battleship (one of those worthless Kawachi BBs Kirith mentioned I think) and this happened.

Aircraft Carrier Down.00_05_44_28.Still001 Aircraft Carrier Down.00_05_44_28.Still001

That was incredibly cool to see as I was slugging it out with the other ship. I actually think the torpedo bomber was one of ours. I hope his torpedo was the one that blew the enemy battleship to smithereens. That pilot deserves a Silver Star.

As I mentioned, I'm just about ready to move to the Phoenix class cruiser. I agree with Kirith. It's going to be a bit of a shock to move too it from the St. Louis class. But better things await on the other side and I too am looking forward to the Omaha class. I am saving all my Free Experience to get past the Phoenix class quickly. It's slower going now, but hey, I'm captaining a St. Louis class!

For this week, I've been playing the free version of the game. They have a premium account, but I'm not so certain it's worth it. Perhaps someone can give me some advice on that. For now I know I could progress much more swiftly if I joined PvP battles. I just don't want to be that noob guy if you know what I mean. I want to stick to bots until I know I won't spam the torpedoes as was done in one of my four PvP missions. Anyway, if you read this Kirith, add me to your list in World of Warships. I'll escort your carrier any day, but you may need to give me some time to become competent. Until then, Battle On!


  1. Hullo there! And welcome to the age of SHIPS!
    The Kawachi is actually everything-but-worthless in a point blank range. It's biggest downside is actually it's lack of range. And by the minimap, I would say thats about 4km. I wouldn't call that point-blank.
    Anyway, the earlier you start to play in PvP battles, the sooner you get used to it. You'll be seen as a hell bigger noob when you try to use your tier 4-5-6 ships in your first real battles. Ppl tend to accept noob errors in low tier matches, not as much in the mid or high ranges.

    And at last, some decent gaming related posts here again. :-)

  2. "And at last, some decent gaming related posts here again. :-)" - What? You don't think Elite:Dangerous is a game? ;-)

    Okay, I capitulate. E:D isn't exactly exciting to read about when about all I do is explore the galaxy. I've been looking for another game to report on for some time. I have this idea of how to rebuild my posting schedule but I needed another game to fill a slot. I thought about Cities: Skyline, but it has the same issues as Elite: Dangerous. I think World of Warships came along just in time! Same goes for Civ:BE.

    Everything you said about PvP is spot on. Yesterday I spent 3.5 hours doing exactly what you recommend. I did about a dozen random battles, and after a couple of the mistakes I saw, one of which still baffles me, I am not all that worried. I'll NEVER be that guy. I've got it on video, but can't decide if I want to shame or not. I think I'll go ahead and do it after blurring the names. It's just that incredibly bad. But yeah, I'm into the PvP now because the experience is way better. :-)

  3. I definitely agree, get into PvP battles, the targets are smarter but it fine tunes your tactics faster. Mabrick is the username I assume?


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