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Friday, April 17, 2015

Blast from the Past – Guess the Game 2

For #screenshotsaturday last week I put up some old screen captures of myself playing Dark Age of Camelot. I was very pleased to see several of you not only recognized the game, but had fond memories of it as well. I can't say I had fond memories of DAoC. I did not play it long enough to generate strong memories - fond or otherwise. I even forgot about that alt Maldran. :/

My fondest memories were all because of the Guild I ran with in those days. I was a proud member of  The Crusaders of the Realms - COR for short. This guild got its start in Never Winter Nights, but I did not join them until Ultima Online: my first MMORPG. We were a role-playing guild in that we maintained a good ethos and opposed evil where ever we found it. We did not speak in thees and thous though. Actions speak louder than words so we let our actions be our role play.

After a few months, I became their historian. I ran their website, maintained the forums and shepherded the screen capture gallery. I have that skill set (or at least I did back then. XD ) It was several backups of that old web site I found, and the images I had placed there as a record of our deeds.

This week I have a new batch of ancient images to share. I have some very fond memories associated with these images. The Guild events shown below are the reason for those fond memories. You know, back then it was never about leveling. Sure, it was cool to be high level and all, or to get the shiny armor. But we all knew we'd eventually get there. Back then it was about just running around the countryside and killing every monster we came across. There were so many of us it was totally unfair to the mobs, and individually the experience awards were minuscule. But we did it together, in the days before voice coms, when all you could do was type it out. Back then it didn't get said unless it was worth saying. You know what I mean? Respect was the code word every day. We were truly brothers and sisters at heart.

Anyway, back to the screen caps. There are 26 pictures. Seems like not so many for as many hours as I played this game. But back then, the lag of a screen cap could kill you. So, can you guess this game? Should be easy with all the mob references. ;)

[gallery columns="2" size="medium" type="columns" ids="4731,4732,4733,4734,4735,4736,4737,4738,4739,4740,4741,4742,4743,4744,4745,4746,4747,4748,4749,4750,4751,4752,4753,4754,4755,4756"]

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