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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Stepping Up My Game

I can be a real ass at times. Say or write the wrong thing and I'm the biggest troll on my comment threads. I'm not going to bother making excuses. All I'll say is I know it and I work on it and sometimes I fail. This happened about a month ago, and I've regretted the exchange ever since. I treated a long time gaming associate badly and there was no excuse for it. He was only trying to be helpful and I pretty much shut him down. Jester, please accept this blog post as some sort of inadequate apology.

Here is Jester's comment from Lots of Elite:Dangerous.

I don’t mean to make you feel bad, but you really need to step up your game some. Start a rare trade route immediately. Here’s a starter trade route I offer to newer E:D players:,62,52,72,23,30,1,31,84,6&name=Babby%27s%20First%20Rares

Start in Lave, pick up the item listed in each system, and once you get to Fujin, sell. Then pick up the items around Fujin, once you’re done in Altair head back to Lave, and sell in the station where the item text is green. You can do ship upgrades in either Altair or Leesti (both are high-tech).

With your Cobra, you will at least double your credit balance on your first trip and no I’m not kidding. Good luck and fly safe!

Read the whole thread if you want proof of my being an ass, but it really isn't worth reading. Only the comment above is worth your time. And to prove it, I decided to test Jester's assertion I would easily double my money flying the route. So I relocated to Fujin and ran it. I documented every step along the way. Here is how that test went.

This route has two parts. There are two groups of systems on either end in which you can purchase rares. Each system within a group is fairly close to the others. The longest jump in both groups is 37 light years. The shortest is five light years. You visit each system in one group, buying all the rare goods you can and nothing else. When your cargo hold is full of rare goods, you fly to the first system of the other group, a distance of up to 171 light years . Unlike standard commodities, the value of rare goods increase the further from their origin you sell them. That is why the two groups are so far apart.

[gallery link="file" size="medium" columns="4" ids="4449,4448,4445,4444,4443,4442,4441"]

As I said above, I started in Fujin and bought Fujin Tea. Then I moved to 39 Tauri and bought Tauri Chimes, then on to George Pantazis to buy Pantaa Prayer Sticks and finally to Zeessze to purchase Zeessze Ant Grub Glue. By that time my cargo hold was full, so I set course for Lave. My Cobra Mark III might not have the longest jump range in the galaxy, but it can cover the distance between Zeessze and Lave without refueling. A little over two dozen jumps later I was in Lave. I'd actually traveled through enough new systems that selling the data more than paid for my fuel. Once I'd sold my data, I sold my rare goods. But on this end of the route, to get maximum profit you actually need to sell in Orrere as well as Lave, as it is further from Fujin and 39 Tauri than Lave is. So I left Lave and sold the remainder of my goods in Orrere. Here is the visual record of my profits.

[gallery link="file" columns="4" size="medium" ids="4464,4463,4462,4461,4460,4459,4458,4457,4456,4455,4454,4453,4452,4451"]

As you can see I ran into a little trouble in Orrere. I did not check the type of governments in each system, and discovered that Orrere is an anarchy system. So is Uszaa. If you do not wish to jeopardize such valuable cargo, you can simply leave Orrere and Uszaa out of the route. Revisit the other three systems in the Lave group until your cargo hold is full. It takes more time, but it has less risk. It's your choice. You are warned.

As you can see, this trip made me nearly 600,000 credits. I have left the original date and time stamped titles on the screen captures so you can see how long it took me in real time. Do not count the very first screen cap of me coming into Futen Spaceport. That was two nights before as I was positioning in preparation for collecting this data. I came into Porta in the 39 Tauri system on February 25th at 03:59 hours E:D standard time. I sold my Pantaa Prayer sticks on February 25th at 04:54 hours. I then logged for the night and took it up again on February 26th around 02:30 hours. The interdictions took valuable time off the clock, and cost me some profit, but it is quite proper to say I earned half a million credits for one hour of hard work. That's worth restating: 500,000 credits an hour. OMG Jester, now I know what you meant by needing to step it up.

As I mentioned above, I logged at Lave on February 25th and took up the data collection again the next day. I got out of Orrere without further incident and continued to fill my hold with rare goods from Lave, Diso and Leesti. I took Uszaa and Orrere out of the route as my time focus is trade, not combat. Here is the visual data from the second half of the trade route.

[gallery columns="4" link="file" size="medium" ids="4482,4483,4484,4481,4480,4479,4478,4477,4476,4475,4474,4473,4472,4471,4470,4469,4468,4466"]

The total time it took me to complete the second leg of the trade route from the point were I sold the remainder of my first leg goods in Orrere until I sold all of the Lave group goods in Fujin was 71 minutes. The gross profit I made from the Lave group rare commodities was 573,161 credits; once again easily equating to 500,000 credits and hour. For the total run that took just over two hours to complete, my net profit as derived from the Balance listed on my Status page was 1,198,451 credits - easily doubling my credit balance as Jester said it would. What else is there to say. I may be an ass, but I won't cut off my nose to spite my face. Rare commodity trading is easily the easiest, and perhaps quickest, way to make credits in Elite: Dangerous. Now, to be fair to myself I did know this from my days of playing Elite as a younger man. It had always been my intention to engage in rare trading, but I hadn't gotten around to doing the research necessary. Then Jester dropped this into my lap. I may be stupid enough to troll an innocent opening statement, but where money's involved I'll take any gift given. Thank you Jester. I'll be getting that exploration ASP a lot faster thanks to you.

And as with all these posts, I leave you with my current standing taken just before I began this report.

[gallery columns="2" size="medium" link="file" ids="4487,4486"]

Fly careful.


  1. No apology necessary. I'm glad the information was helpful. And yeah, your run-ins are why I described this kind of route as both more fun and more challenging than standard commodities. ;-) I still do rare trades myself to finance PvP, but these days I use an Asp, which doubles the cargo and triples the survivability.

    As you gain more experience with this kind of route and get a bigger ship like the Asp, you can expand it to a "triangle trade" route and then include some illegal rares (like onion head) which will more than double your credits/hour over a back-and-forth route. But that's more complex and somewhat limiting; there's nothing at all wrong with the Altair-Leesti run.

  2. Oh, two other things: A-type FSDs are your friends for this kind of route, as is a medium size A-type fuel scoop. The Cobra can use the 75kg/s scoop and the Asp can use the 151 or 176. You can pick up both of these upgrades in Altair/Leesti. Once you have them, you can skip straight to max-range jumps in Navigation instead of fuel-saving jumps and dramatically increase your speed on the trade routes. Fly safe!

  3. Now you're reading my mind. ;)


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