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Friday, November 14, 2014

Raptr Most Played PC Games: October 2014

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="640"]MOST PLAYED PC GAMES: OCTOBER 2014 MOST PLAYED PC GAMES: OCTOBER 2014[/caption]

Color me surprised. Nowhere on this list is there a Civilization game. It looks like Civilization: Beyond Earth (CivBE) simply robbed people from Civilization V (Civ5) and caused it to drop out of the top twenty. Last month I predicted CivBE would be able to break into the top twenty even though it only had a week of play time. And it even seemed like it would make it, as there were over 100k Steam members on the CivBE community. Nope. :/

So I went and had a look at the list just under half way through November. CivBE sits in the 24th position with 389,551 hours played over the month period starting mid-October. Civ5 is in 26th place with 361,137 hours played. Yeah, it seems like there's some Peter robbed to pay Paul going on. Well, that's how the cookie crumbles. It's still a fun game, though there is always room for improvement. We'll see if it makes the November list, or if the two Civilizations will be at war with each other from now on. That's kinda funny when you think about it.

There is something else that surprised me on this list. Star Wars: The Old Republic (SW:TOR) climbed three places to number twelve. They had their big update with player housing (Galactic Strongholds) and on December 9, 2014 will launch the next: Shadow of Revan. The pre-orders just keep rolling in according to Raptr. You know, I was thinking about trying SW:TOR out myself if TESO didn't get rid of the bots and glitches. They did as I reported last post. So I guess I'll stick with TESO for a while, at least until I get to level 50. I might even try PvP. :P Or, I could just give SW:TOR a try. Anyone got some advice for me on that decision? BTW, TESO is currently in 69th position on the 30 day Raptr listing. :(

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (ME:SoM) makes its debut on the top twenty. Don't expect it to stay there. It's already down to 43rd position on the to-date list. There just isn't enough game play in it, and once someone finishes that's pretty much it. You could go back and start over again, but I don't see enough variability in the game to make that very enticing. It's 40 hours of fun. That's it, and the game has already run its course with most players I think. BTW, in case you passed on ME:SoM because you wanted to wait for a sale, it's here. Steam is having a 25% off sale for ME:SoM right now until 10:00 AM PST tomorrow.

When I went to check on ME:SoM's current status I noticed something that made me smile a little. EVE Online has moved up to the 37th position. When I last looked at its position for the Raptr August 2014  post, it was in 40th position. It's not all good news though. The hours played is 30k lower than in the August numbers. However, there is a weekend difference between that report and this so EVE Online probably is right on course for a nice bump in the standings. It isn't huge, but I think it's a nice indication what CCP is doing to revitalize the game is working. I'm still thinking about the latest dev blogs (Thera, manual control, Rhea in general) and may have more to say about them next week. I haven't decided. Thinking about EVE Online still gets an anger response out of my care-bear psyche so we'll see. But in general, I think CCP is on the right track. EVE Online has been stagnant for years with declining player numbers. Anything to shake up the status quo can only help. :D

I'm pretty meh about the rest of the top twenty list. Free to play (F2P) and MOBA's are still the popular thing. One of these days I'd love to see a list of money earned and see how well this list corresponds to that list. I don't think that will ever happen. Not all game companies release those sorts of figures. More's the pity.

Next month I'm not making any predictions. I expected Assassin's Creed: Unity to vault onto the list, but with all the post launch problems with the game that's unlikely to happen. At this point I've but it on my wait for a Steam Sale list. I'm not going to pay $60 for a broken game. And it is broken, badly. More's the pity again. Other than that release, I don't see anything else on the horizon that could upset the current top ten on this list. There may be a bit of position jostling, but it really isn't going to change in November. What do you think?


  1. I stopped SWTOR when they went F2P. (I felt like I had been tricked into paying to play Beta.) The few friends who stayed report non-stop invitations to buy stuff. Actually, the last of them stopped playing in the last 3 or 4 months.

  2. All of us (including myself) who bought 6-month TESO subscriptions at launch and did not resub will be falling off TESO's numbers in the November report.

  3. That's okay, your lack of hours played is not reflected in the hours played statistic... unless you've been secretly playing all this time.

  4. I haven't, but some will have been.


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