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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Raptr Most Played PC Games: September 2014

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="640"]Click the image to read the original post by Raptr. Raptr's Most Played PC Games: September 2014[/caption]

Archeage vaults onto the most played list for September 2014, as does The Sims 4. However, this list is little changed from the August 2014 report. The top three games then are the top three games now accounting for approximately 35 percent of all game play. Their percentages are little changed, with the biggest delta registered by behemoth League of Legends going up by a smidge under two percentage points.

The remaining 65 percent of game play is spread out across the remaining 97 titles played. This top twenty list accounts for 64.25 percent of all the time spent gaming by Ratpr members in September, so these are definitely the biggies. If you click on the image you will get the original blog post from Raptr, with their analysis of why the numbers ended up the way they did. There is one thing that made me laugh in that post, and I have to quote it here.

The Sims 4 is making its first appearance in the top 20 after launching in early September. Strangely enough, the title stole most of its playtime from Diablo III.

How does that even work? My gamer brain breaks just thinking about it. But enough with the past, let's talk about the future.

My predictions for October are fairly modest. I think when we get this month's results next month we'll see Shadow of Mordor make an appearance on the PC games list. I don't think it'll go very high. It's not that there isn't a lot of appeal to the game. I just think it'll get more console play than PC play. In fact, I can already tell you it's up to position 18 on the current list. All that remains to be seen is if it can hold that position with the late release of what's promising to be a wildly popular strategy game.

The PC only game I'm on about is Civilization: Beyond Earth. I think it will make an appearance in the top 20 list, even though it'll only have a weekend to amass game play time. I know I'll be spending many, many hours on CivBE starting Friday when I can install it. Yes, I've already purchased it. It was a no-brainer. ;-) I am certain there are many other Civ5 players who will do likewise, replacing Civ5 with CivBE on the list. Even with only a week, I think it'll happen. The math supports my supposition at least.

To make the list, CivBE will need to get at least 500,000 hours of game play. I will likely spend (at least) 20 hours total over that week playing CivBE. Since my game play tends to average slightly higher than the average Raptr member, let's say the average member will only put in half that amount of time. That makes the math nice and easy. There will need to be 50,000 players firing up CivBE starting on Thursday September 23rd. No, I don't have that wrong. This from the official Steam unlock tables:

Los Angeles (U.S.A. - California) Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 9:00:00 PM - PDT

West Coast rules on Steam releases. Woot! XD But back to my original point of CivBE getting 500,000 hours of game play in one week. There are already 103,455 Steam members in the CivBE community. That's more than double the number of players needed, and if they all played at least 10 hours over the opening weekend we could see CivBE vault much higher.

Well, only time will tell. Until then, enjoy whatever your playing. Cheers!

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