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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Review - The Long Dark

Yesterday began the Steam early access alpha for The Long Dark. I've been waiting for this early access since I first learned of this game months ago. This game isn't fancy. It doesn't have incredible graphics or a huge world to play in. In fact, I'm not certain I would actually call it play. It's a survival adventure with emphasis on survival. It's tough. It's unforgiving. The goal is to just survive. There are no zombies. There are no monsters. There are only wolves. They are very hungry wolves. They too are unforgiving. But other than the wolves, there are no other non-player entities. There is no player versus player. The entire game is centered around you, the player versus environment. The fact that is very hard to succeed in this simple goal is what makes this game worth playing.

Last night I got my first hour and a half exposure 1 to The Long Dark. I split the play session into six roughly equal chunks and will upload them as I get them processed (though I won't write another post about them.) Unless you are really into sandbox survival games, I'd advise you to save your money until the game is complete. But for $19.99, I just couldn't resist plunging into its life or death struggle. So, without further verbiage, here is the first installment of my first play session so you can have a look at the game. Watch all six once they're posted to see how I did. Enjoy!


  1. Pun intended ;) . 

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