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Monday, September 8, 2014

In Memory of Blackbeard

[caption id="attachment_3596" align="aligncenter" width="2560"]In Memoriam In Memoriam[/caption]

Last week, I took a bit of a break from gaming. There comes a point where burnout is a real concern. I wasn't inspired to play, and so I didn't. About the only game I felt inspired to play was Plants vs. Zombies. I got six hours of that in, but nothing else. In fact, on Saturday I spent most of the day researching genealogy, rooting through old records and land plats, looking for clues as to what may have happened to one of my great-great grandmothers. She simply vanishes from the historical records around 1850 and her children scattered - but I digress. I did log into Landmark for a couple of hours in the middle afternoon, but my time was cut short when I got an overheat warning on my graphic card. That killed any nascent wanna that had begun to grow in me, so I went downstairs and made dinner (lightly pan-fried cod and saffron rice if you must know. ;) )

That all changed yesterday. There were many other things I could have done with my day yesterday, but don't wanna sums up my views on most possibilities. Ever have one of those days? So around 9 AM I sat down in front of my PC with a cup of coffee intent on testing if the latest Landmark build caused the overheat or if I had a more general cooling issue with my system. I need another graphically intense program, one not in beta, to test the system's cooling ability. So I fired up Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. If any game could cause an overheat I figured that one could.

And that was the last thing anyone saw of me for 10 hours. Okay, that's a bit of hyperbole, but other than to grab some quick leftovers and visit the head, all I did was sail the Caribbean looking for the Sage on Sunday; by way of taking some medicine at Charles' Town with Blackbeard to cure Nassau, and watching Blackbeard cut down on the deck of a Man-o-War, and discovering treachery in the pirate ranks, and escaping the trap they laid for us at Nassau, by following a fire-ship into the blockade, and exacting vengeance against the British for all of it, and taking out some fortresses, and hunting some great white sharks, and surviving a mutiny, and killing a fellow marooned pirate captain because he went crazy and tried to kill me, and sailing to Africa in to find the Sage... See, I was a little busy on Sunday. :P

So in memory of my fallen comrade Blackbeard, I present this montage in his name. It's a chronicle of Blackbeard the Devil, those who sailed with him, and those who paid for his betrayal. May he now rest in peace!

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  1. "Last week, I took a bit of a break from gaming."

    That sounds so odd - almost apologetic :)

    I have gotten used to the fact that I cycle through interests. There are times when I play video games a lot, then I read a lot, bike, binge on TV shows, etc. It's people who never take a break from whatever they're doing for fun - those are the ones I discreetly unsnap my holster for.


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