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Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Catch Up

I did something on Saturday I don't often do. I went to the theater and saw a movie. There's a reason I don't often go to movies. I don't like going alone. If something is worth doing, it's worth doing with another person who also likes what you're doing. I mean, what's the point of watching an awesome movie on a big screen if you can't turn to a friend and say, "Wow, that was incredible!" and then have a fifteen minute discussion of the film's best and worst moments. I know you know what I'm on about. It's the same reason we create gaming communities. It may be fun to go it alone, but it is so much more fun when you've got friends along for the ride.

Anyway, with the current state of the movie theater industry and the fact many people will just go to Redbox or Netflix, it's difficult to find someone willing to shell out $10 (or more) to see a movie in an almost clean theater. But fortunately I have one such friend. And this weekend he invited me to see a movie, his treat. How could I say no? Who cares that it was a genre I wouldn't normally pick to go see. Besides, I figured I could use it as leverage to get him into the theater to watch a genre he doesn't normally watch.

Wow, I couldn't have been more wrong about this genre. He bribed me into seeing Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Imaging that, I needed a bribe to go see that cast in action. And don't even get me started on the cinematography. I ate it up. I actually do like noir, but hate it when it's done for-crap cheesy. I'll just be straight with you and say I don't really do comics for that reason. My reading ventures as a young adult tended to require more substantial fare than the comics available when I was young. But somewhere along the way comics grew up and I sort of missed it. This movie certainly wasn't what I expected - it was a very pleasant surprise. When it was over I turned to my friend and said, "Thank you, that was awesome." And he said, "Yeah, but the first one was better." I've already added Sin City to my watch list. 8-)

Of course I played computer games this weekend too. I woke up somewhat early Saturday morning and put in about four hours on Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. I finally cracked the 50% synchronization mark. Whoohoo! That only took how many months? Look, I never claimed to be a fast gamer. Like reading a good book, I like to take my time and enjoy all the goodness. I took care of some odds and ends; completing some smaller locations so they'd be yellow on the map. My OCD demands that of me. :P Come to think about it, my OCD is part of the reason I look into every nook and cranny a game has to offer. Hey, a bright side to OCD! Who knew? But back to AC4, I also added another Man-o-War to Kenway's Fleet and bought a diving bell to go for my first underwater jaunt. I haven't died to a shark yet. :) I also did this; the comment will explain.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]Ahab, I have avenged thee! Ahab, I have avenged thee![/caption]

I also spent three hours on Landmark Sunday evening. I had a nice chat with Landron, who left a nice screenshot of his having breakfast at my house here. So here's the really insidious thing about Landmark. You'd think I got a lot accomplished in three hours. And I did, but it looks like so little. I spent the entire three hours working on two so-called small things. I have a staircase in my house going up to the top floor. On one side there is a banister made of polished sandstone. On the other is a glass and stone wall. The staircase looks just fine as a staircase, but the zig-zag diagonal that was the banister and the intersection of stone and glass were very noobish looking. So I spent the entire three hours smoothing them out to be flat and straight, yet still angled. I was especially pleased with the way the outside wall looked when I got done! And if you look through the glass wall, you can see the banister I worked on as well - just understand glass that thick (and I like it that thick) distorts the beauty of that banister somewhat. ;)

[caption id="attachment_3501" align="aligncenter" width="1400"]Smooth Angles Smooth Angles[/caption]

And in between those two I played a few hours of SimCity in offline mode. It was a city I'd started back in later July while at Faeriesworld, and have been steadily improving upon whenever I had a chance. Except last week I had no chance. The power adapter on my ASUS ROG G55V failed and I had to order a replacement. That took five days to complete including the entire weekend before last. So I was Jonesing a little to get back to my city. I was at the stage where I needed to take it from an oil based economy using an oil burning power plant, to an electronics based economy making microprocessors from recycled waste and a nuclear power plant for power generation. I went to far as to research the fast neutron reactor so I could get 800 megawatts of power out of just one upgrade. It worked out very well and I was never in danger of running out of money or power. Here's where the game stood as of yesterday about 11 AM.

[caption id="attachment_3499" align="aligncenter" width="1400"]North Wākea North Wākea[/caption]

My city population is about 250,000 mostly happy Sims (eight out of ten) and I've about three million simoleons in the bank. I've street cars and shuttles, plenty of clean water and a vibrant high-tech industrial base. Next stop, metropolis! I've avoided the Maxis Man/Doctor Vu game in favor of a more traditional approach. Crime and fires were an issue for a while, but since switching to the global sale of microprocessors, I've been able to upgrade police and fire protection to record deficit levels! I know it sounds crazy, but I currently operate at 9000 simoleon a day deficit but still make three-quarters of a million simoleons profit every month. I love this country!

And that's my weekend in a blog post. Now, if I could just muster enough gumption to do something truly productive... naaaaah. Where's the fun in that?



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  1. Yeah the first Sin City movie was better. The following review this more or less sums up my experience as well


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