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Sunday, August 17, 2014

PvP Coming to Landmark August 27, 2014

At the SOELive event in Las Vagas last week, Dave Georgeson, Director of Development for the EverQuest Franchise, announced the addition of PvP into Landmark on August 27, 2014. This will include player damage and death in all things, not just combat. PvP will be determined on a claim by claim basis. The claim owner will set a flag to enable PvP on her claim - or not. Embrace the concept of and? That's an interesting way to handle the question of PvP or no PvP. You could actually be PvP one day and PvE only the next. Does that fit the PvP anywhere mantra some gamers want in a sandbox game, while allowing those who don't want to participate to simply avoid PvP enabled claims? I'll have to experience it myself after the update on the 27th, but yeah, I think it will. :)

Players will start with three craftable weapon types: a sword, a bow and a staff. There will be various qualities that will make some weapons better than others, as well as Legendary items only found in treasure chests. There will also be landmines, LOL. The idea behind  PvP it seems is that players will build their own PvP battlefields just like they do buildings now. Players will create the battlefields just like everything else in Landmark. It looks like it'll be a bit like Unreal Tournament with the "maps" being built on PvP enabled claims. At first there will be Capture and Hold, Death Match and Team Death Match. These will be controlled by a player craftable and placed Gaming Table. There are respawn point props players can put down, as well as control point props for the Capture and Hold game. It'll all be player created and controlled. Yeah, I know, I keep saying that. I'm a bit gobsmacked by the possibilities, so please excuse my repetition. Have you ever been in a MMO where the PvP experience is ENTIRELY controlled by the players? It's practically perfect consensual PvP.

But wait, there's more. At 29 minutes into the video Dave Georgeson says,

"And there's still more coming than that, because when we introduce monsters we are also going to give you the AI editing tools, and beyond that we'll be building out the really robust set of game mastering tools so that you can start building scenarios and making your dreams truly come to life."

Mind blown. o_O

PvP isn't the only thing coming on August 27th. There will be teleporter, flinger and moving platform props introduced into the game as well. Those look like they could be a lot of fun!

In the weeks that follow, the Landmark team will be adding PvE in the form of monsters. "The deeper you go, the more dangerous it gets," is how Dave Georgeson put it. That'll certainly make resource gathering trickier. Explorers beware! :twisted:

I am pleasantly pleased with the whole concept of Landmark, even more than I was before. I've been steadily building my claim. It's been awhile since I posted any screenshots, so I took one of my cozy little home Sunday morning after taking care of my claim maintenance and building some enhancements. It's coming right along. :P

[caption id="attachment_3434" align="aligncenter" width="1400"]Home Sweet Home in Landmark Home Sweet Home in Landmark[/caption]


  1. I, I, I... I... I have no words... So my "treasure hunter trap cave dungeon" is not a dream anymore? :-)
    Anyway, can I have a server and island name to your "home"? Would like to visit you someday.

  2. Ha! Good one! And sure, you can still have your dream. I'm already thinking of some devilish things I can do with the flingers. :twisted: My humble abode is located on Serenity, the isle of Arch. Drop on by any time. My forge is always open. :)

  3. You see, I could have just read the server and island from your screenshot... And then this could be a surprise. Oh, whatever.
    Thanks for the breakfast anyway!

  4. Mabrick,

    I'll have to come visit sometime. I have two claims both on Rebellion / Pit, west of the hub. One of them is in the gallery - search for "Alamo". I built a lifesize replica of the mission itself. From there you can see my other claim to the east. It's jumbled together somewhat, still massively under construction. A lot of it was me experimaenting and learning voxels, so I'm not entirely pleased with it. Likely start fresh after the Open beta wipe happens.

    Stop in and chekc it out sometime. Game Name TexSteele

    By the way, I got started in June after you posted the video of going into one of the caves. Good stuff.

  5. Oh yeah, I gotta see that! I've been holding off on building anything like that 'cause of the wipe. I've just been learning voxels. :)


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