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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

AC4: Oh Brother

More Assassin's Creed IV gameplay! After I secured my new base at the Great Iguana aka Great Inagua, I discovered in the main office of the villa there a suit of armor secured behind an iron gate with five locks. This was a suit of Templar armor. I covet it very much. But to get it, I have to find the five keys to the locks it is secured behind. The first key I took from the dead body of Julien de Casse on the deck of the galleon I secured for Nassau. The other four keys I have to find. I found the second key back on Nassau. Here is part one of what I had to do to get it.

*** SPOILER ALERT -- This video reveals major elements of a quest. Do not watch if you want to keep it a surprise! ***


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  1. […] now, the conclusion of the Nassau Templar Hunt of which you saw part one and part two last week. […]


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