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Friday, July 25, 2014

TESO: Post QuakeCon Summary

Well, I'm on another long weekend break from the daily drudge, but I still have time before we set out for the music festival to fire off this post. There were many announcements made at QuakeCon this past week. Not the least of which came from Paul Sage of Zenimax concerning the future of The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO.) Leif Johnson over at PC Gamer had a very nice write-up of the future direction for TESO titled Righting the ship: a look at Elder Scrolls Online's future. You should go give it a read, but for those who'd rather just see a summary of changes to come I'll present it here.

  • Killable NPCs in non-PvP zones

  • Bounty system for players who want to hunt those who've stolen from or killed NPCs

  • New and smaller zones within the new Imperial City for PvE and PvP

  • Dungeon Scaling (to adjust the difficulty of a given dungeon to the leader's level rather than just lock the group out.)

  • Horse Racing (with gambling.)

  • New craft motifs (Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild)

  • Spell Crafting

  • The Champion System

  • Group instance changes that put all members into the leader's instance and syncs perspectives to keep group members visible to one another

  • And of course new content (veteran dungeons, facial animation changes and "under the hood" tweaks.)

What is the timeline for these changes you ask? Months. My feel is that Zenimax will take the rest of the year bringing this list (and the smaller things I didn't list) into reality. It's their primary focus, and no doubt the reason they put console development off until next year. They'd be wise to implement some of these before the six-month subscription option comes to an end. That way they might hold onto some currently disaffected players who are still locked in. Only time will tell if there is any chance of that. As for me, I've decided to consolidate other monthly game expenses and continue supporting TESO with the savings. It's not that I can say I believe in Zenimax's vision like I do with Star Citizen. I think what I support more is the idea that The Elder Scrolls will exist 24/7 every day of the year rather than in brief spurts of standalone box launches. That, and people can now share the experience directly rather than just comparing notes after the fact. It's that social aspect of MMOs that make them preferable to the standalone products like Skyrim. Because of that, TESO deserves support, and a chance to become every bit the game it can be.

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