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Thursday, June 5, 2014

TESO: Retaking Shornhelm - Part 1

***Spoiler Alert***

After the terrible decision I had to make concerning Heloise Menoit, I proceeded into Shornhelm to talk with Countess Tamrith as my friend Darien Gautier suggested. There I found a council at odds, but determined to do something about House Montclair's seizing of half the town. I offered my services and they asked me to find two Shornhelm Guard officers who'd turned traitor and aided House Montclair in their grab for power, and evidence as to why Baron Montclair has changed. Here's how that mission unfolded.


As you can see from the video, this particular quest suffers tremendously from one of the key complaints leveled against the developers. This quest would work great in a stand alone The Elder Scrolls game. However, in an MMO context it was not challenging and frankly ruined by other players. One boss I didn't even have to fight and still got credit for killing him, while the other was just easy. And I am a level below the quest level! In fact, I'm starting to suspect quest balancing at higher levels may be off and need adjusting. For example, take the second boss. Even though I had assistance at the very end from the balcony above, it was not needed. My last swing would have more than taken care of  that boss as his health bar was practically non-existent after my initial assault. You can see this at 10:26 into the video. At no time was I seriously in jeopardy of dying. Without that risk, PvE becomes just another grind.

There is a solution; a way to eliminate the grind. I'll point it out in my next post, Retaking Shornhelm - Part 2. But for now, I'll just say Zenimax already knows how to fix this issue. They just need to make it a priority to implement the solution.

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