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Monday, June 16, 2014

TESO: Dream-Walk into Darkness

Yesterday was father's day. After a very nice hour long conversation with my son, I took a three-hour block of time to continue my adventures in Tamriel. Let me bring you up to date. In my last TESO video 10 days ago, Retaking Shornhelm – Part 2, I managed, with the assistance of Count Ravenwatch, to drive Baron Montclair's forces out of Shornhelm. Unfortunately his Argonian sorcerer, Reezal-Jul escaped before I could exact justice on him. Still, the town was secured and a base of operations established from which we could turn the tide of the battle for Rivenspire.

I was a bit surprised when Count Ravenwatch confirmed High King Emeric had personally come to Shornhelm to take control of the fight. I reported to him, informed him the town was secure, and asked what I could do next to help. He bade me travel to Ravenwatch Castle and assist Count Ravenwatch in tracking down Reezal-Jul. This I gladly agreed too. I'd seen the bloodfiends Reezal-Jul had made of the townsfolk, and it revolted me. Also, the death of Heloise Menoit still weighed heavily on my heart. Reezal-Jul needed to pay for his crimes against the people of Rivenspire, and for good decent people who had to die for no other reason than he'd cursed them.

So after a good night's rest, I headed westward on the road to Ravenwatch Castle. There I found a large camp of refugees from the town of Crestshade. The town had been overrun by Reezal-Jul's forces, and those that had not been killed or escaped were now bloodfiends feeding on the corpses of the unlucky - or lucky, depending on how you looked at it. Before I could get to Ravenwatch Castle on the far side of the town, I had to assist the spirit of the slain mayor destroy a necromantic monster of flesh created by Reezal-Jul from her's and several other's body parts. The list of crimes that Argonian would pay for increased greatly as I cleansed the town of his filthy abominations. Only then could I proceed to Ravenwatch Castle. Here is what transpired in that castle.

*** SPOILER ALERT – This video reveals major elements of a quest. Do not watch if you want to keep it a surprise! ***



  1. […] Last post, we learned Baron Montclair’s wife was gravely ill and the Baron wanted Count Ravenwatch to turn her into a Vampire. She did not wish this, so Count Ravenwatch did not do it. Instead he went to speak with Reezal-Jul. Reezal-Jul had the shard of a relic he thought would heal Baroness Montclair, but the Baron didn’t trust Reezal-Jul enough to use it. Reezal-Jul asked Count Ravenwatch to take the shard to Baron Montclair. The Baron acquiesced to its use, and the Baroness got better – for a while. However, it was soon obvious the shard was not powerful enough to cure her. And as Count Ravenwatch had refused to turn the Baroness, Reezal-Jul recommended they ascend the Doomcrag, an ominous peak north of Ravenwatch Castle, to find the powerful relic from which the shard had come. Surely, he argued, such a powerful relic would cure her. So the Montclairs did as he bid. This is what happened. […]

  2. […] learning what happened to the Montclairs via a dream-walk through Count Ravenwatch’s memories, he informed me he knew the whereabouts of Reezal-Jul. Reezal-Jul was preparing to attack the Camp […]


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