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Monday, June 2, 2014

Relaxing with an Old Favorite – Part Two

It took two weekends, one being a three-day holiday weekend, and over 40 hours of real-time, but I finished my marathon session of Civilization V on a huge map with eleven AIs ranged against me. It wasn't a particularly difficult game. I had it set to chieftain level (difficulty 2 for those uninitiated,) and my future victory was only in doubt about 280 turns into a 1500 turn game. Yeah, that's how long a marathon game is. That's twice as long as an epic game which is itself 50% longer than a standard game of 500 turns. To say it becomes a grind is a bit of an understatement. Still, I'm typically fine with a bit of a grind. That still didn't prevent me from taking the first victory condition to present itself other than military.

Since this is a part two, I should at least tell you what happened after the last post. The British Empire got bigger. :) From the eight-city continental base I solidified after my brief war with the Zulus, I first expanded into what I called the Caribbean. There was a line of archipelagos extending eastward from Warwick. They were a natural expansion for my position in the game. They were aligned away from the Zulus and extended into an ocean dominated by City States. That did nicely.

After I'd secured those islands and a spot just north of the MOUNTAINS separating my Caribbean from the Chinese, I started Dover at the tip of a peninsula north and west of the Assyrians. This was some time after the Assyrians lost their capital to the Zulus, and the entire peninsula was now dominated only by the two City States on it. One of those states, Sidon, was a militaristic state. I allied them with gifts of gold and they provided the occasional unit to bolster my defenses on the peninsula. I eventually expanded southward and finally re-settled two of the Assyrian city locations the Zulus had destroyed. This of course upset the Assyrians but to my surprise not the Zulus. The Zulu's were actually more upset with me when the American's adopted the Freedom Tenant as I had. By that time though their threats were empty because their riflemen and cavalry were no match for my Infantry,  tanks and artillery. I also wasn't all that worried as I had three citadels built between my defensive cities and my units not in the citadels were fortified behind a river giving them an incredibly strong defensive position.

I was more worried about my peninsular settlements, but by purchasing city defenses with gold and positioning two battleships on either side if the peninsula I again had a fairly strong defensive position. As you've probably noticed from part one and this post, I'm keen on defense. In my game of Civilization V, I find the military victory to be the easiest of the lot. It's the easiest to win and it's the easiest to lose. I don't actually find it all that challenging TBH.

My challenge comes from having a variety of victory paths and picking one because that's how I want to win. And as I said at the end of my last post, the one I find most satisfying is the diplomatic victory. The way I manage this is to become the ally of every City State in the world. I do this primarily by gifting them gold. As the game progresses, the gold is supplemented by completing quests for them. I particularly like taking out Barbarian camps for them. I always have a couple of ships capable of bombardment, and some scouts ready to enter camps I've been blown to smithereens. :P In fact, turning this marathon game I actually discovered a unit new to the Brave New Worlds DLC. I'd actually never seen it, or at least don't remember seeing it. I certainly never built one or used it. The unit I am on about is the XCOM Squad. This had been available for over a year. How the hell could I have missed it. Oh, that's right. It's been about that long since I've played Civilization V. Oops. :roll: So, to make up for my ignorance, I made a little video of the XCOM Squad taking on barbarians. It's one of the funniest things I've seen in Civilization V. I've placed it at the beginning of my victory video. It's pretty short so give it a watch. I discuss a little more how I engineer my victories through the acquisition of massive amounts of gold. With enough gold, you can buy any victory you want. Enjoy!


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