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Friday, June 13, 2014

Landmark: Spelunking

Do you remember my post on Thursday? You know, the short one? The one where I just threw up some screenshots because I wanted to play a game rather than write a real post for my faithful readers? Well, I got in over three hours of Landmark that night - thank you. I had planned on splitting my time between Landmark and TESO, but I got in over my head in Landmark - literally. It took me quite some time to dig myself out - literally. I made a video of the adventure. It's an excellent treatise on how NOT to prepare. Care to have a look?


As I point out in the video, if you decide to go spelunking in Landmark, make sure you're prepared to get out. It's very easy to fall into a deep hole. It's a completely different matter to get out of it. Oh, and having your own light source might not hurt either. It sure is dark down there in some spots. If it weren't for the MEDs (magic emitting diodes) in my Founder's pickaxe, I wouldn't have been able to see it in from of my face in some of those tunnels!

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