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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Landmark: Resource Gathering and Crafting

This second post on resource gathering covers resource gathering and initial crafting. It shows the completion of a player's first goal, crafting a Claim Flag. With this flag, you can stake out a small piece of countryside to call your own. You can have as many of these claims as you like under two conditions I can currently discern.

  1. You have to craft a Claim Flag for each claim.

  2. You have to pay upkeep on each claim.

Currently upkeep is paid in copper. This is likely only for the closed beta. I'm uncertain what SOE will use for upkeep when the game launches. I am certain it won't necessarily be as easy to find as copper unless the claim is on a lower tier island. If you want the really good stuff, I'd wager you'll have to pay for it in one way or another. As Landmark is a Free-to-Play (F2P) game, they have to make money somehow.

But what do I know? I've got five hours invested in the game.  All I know is a lot of players were unhappy last month when they were told there would be a wipe before open beta. This meant the money they'd already spent to get into closed beta so they could get a leg up on everyone else was pretty much wasted money. That sat wrong with a lot of people. It's meh to me. When I spend money on entertainment, I consider the investment made. The money is gone as assuredly as if I bought beer with it. I don't buy into anything in the hopes I'll basically get a Pay-to-Win card.

Besides, there really is no "win" in Landmark. That's an achievement oriented goal as far as MMOs go. That's not what Landmark is about. Those MMO players who are achievement oriented in that way should just go play something else. Landmark isn't the game for them. For everyone else, I've made a video that shows my initial resource gathering and Claim Flag crafting. I hope it's useful to you. Enjoy!


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