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Friday, June 20, 2014

Landmark: More Spelunking Screenshots Plus!

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I've had a lot of time to play computer games over the last two days due to some major dental work. :/ The game playing has been fun at least. :) I had planned on spending most of my available time playing Landmark. However, the server maintenance scheduled for 2 PM PDT on Wednesday really threw a crimp into that plan. So I ended up playing over three hours of Assassin's Creed IV: Blackflag while the down time dragged on. Nevertheless, I probably logged a good seven or eight hours in Landmark. I expanded my claim with one attachment. Then I built a half-basement under my initial structure. That's a good start on a home and all it lacks now is some nice furniture. :P I also had a chance to check out the resource reallocation they made because of the cave feature they put in during the last major update to the game.

I find I completely agree with their vision for resources. For those who are unfamiliar with the resource system in Landmark, and I'd wager that's most of you, there are currently four resource Tiers, divided into islands. There will eventually, or so I read, be six tiers. More will no doubt come with future game updates. Before this patch, all resources available to a specific tier were lying around on the service. This included some resources for the next tier up as they are always "rare" items one tier down. They were VERY easy to find. In fact, they were too easy to find. This may not be a shooter type game (yet, but PvE is coming in July,) but it still needs to have a challenge. So the developers moved the resources around and put the really good stuff underground - where it should be. Here's  list of what they did.

Caves, Resource Veins, and Items

  • Resource veins have been significantly redistributed, making cave exploration even more rewarding.

    • On the surface of each island, only common ore, gems, and stone can be found.

      • Tier 1: copper and agate

      • Tier 2: iron (plus small amounts of tin), aquamarine, marble, amaranthine

      • Tier 3: tungsten (plus small amounts of silver), amethyst, marble, amaranthine, obsidian, alabaster

      • Tier 4: cobalt (plus small amounts of gold), sapphire, obsidian, alabaster

    • Rare ore and gems have been moved into caves. In addition, materials of the next tier can be found in the caves.

      • Tier 1 caves: iron, tin, aquamarine, tourmaline, ancient earth

      • Tier 2 caves: tin, tungsten, silver, tourmaline, amethyst, topaz, ancient earth

      • Tier 3 caves: silver, cobalt, gold, topaz, sapphire, emerald, ancient earth

      • Tier 4 caves: gold, mithril, rubicite, emerald, ruby, diamond, ancient earth

    • Veins that combined stone/metal and stone/gem have been removed.

    • Ancient earth pockets are no longer found on the surface.

  • Etherium and moonstone can now be mined in Tier 4 caves. They’re rare, so keep your eyes (and resource detectors) peeled!

  • Made a couple of changes to treasure chest loot!

    • First, the Mechanized and Powered Pulverizers have been removed from the treasure chest loot table, and have been replaced with a unique one – the Calibrated Rockgrinder!

    • The Rockgrinder is a high-quality pulverizer that is not upgradable, but should perform well for those who do not have upgraded versions of the Powered Pulverizer.

    • Also, the chance of items such as accessories and gear dropping from chests has been tripled, so these items should be seen more frequently when opening a chest!

  • The Traveler’s Grappling Hook, a new Tier 1 Grappling Hook, can now be crafted at the Tinkerer’s Workshop. This easy to craft grappling hook is perfect for first time explorers hoping to brave the caves of Landmark.

  • Lightstones are now craftable at the Tinkerer’s Workshop, providing access to a low-cost, consumable, personal light source for Tier 1 players.

  • The Ore Prospector recipe now requires Aquamarine as its gem component.

So about Spelunking in Landmark, in my last post on the topic, I mentioned it'd be best if one went in prepared. Well, this time I did. I took an ore prospector and a grappling hook, which I made myself I might add. :D I made the best of each I could with the materials I could gather. I had to visit a second tier island for some of the stuff, but that just introduced my to the loveliness of the Old Growth Forest biome. You see, besides ore and gems, there are also plants and wood that one can harvest. Each island has a specific biome? I live in a Jungle Biome currently. Different biomes give different wood and plant resources, so a travelling you must go! Anyway, back to the Spelunking, as you can see from the screenshots, the grappling hook really helps. It's helpful in not just getting back out, but it is very helpful at reaching those veins waaaaaaaay up the cave wall. It was quite fun just hanging around and getting various views from above. There will certainly be more spelunking in my future!

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