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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Landmark: More on Being Prepared for Spelunking

If you go into a cave in Landmark, there are two pieces of equipment you must absolutely take with you. The first is a grappling hook. That will help you navigate the cave's more vertical sections. The second is an ore prospector. That'll help you locate the ore you seek. If it's gems your after, you'll need a Ground Sounder. It's the same as an Ore Prospector but finds gems instead of ore. Now at this point I could just launch into several lengthy paragraphs about how these are utilized to make your spelunking easier. But why tell you when I can show you?

So first off, here's an image gallery of the equipment in use. Click on the first image and it'll launch you into the gallery proper. I've added descriptions to each image explaining what I am doing and why I'm doing it.

[gallery columns="4" type="rectangular" ids="2985,2984,2988,2993,2992,2987,2989,2990,2986,2991,2994"]

To see this equipment in action, you can watch this video (from which these screenshots were taken) of my last foray into a tier 2 desert cave. I was looking for silver, which I needed to complete an Outfitter's Table for my home. With that I'll be able to make furniture and generally spruce the place up! There is no voice over on this video. My mouth is still pretty sore from the dental work and talking just irritates it. So you get pure unaltered game play from my Twitch stream last night. This video has been moved over to YouTube so it doesn't disappear. Enjoy!



  1. Oooh, cave exploration. It sounds exciting. About the only thing so far I heard from Landmark. :-)
    Are caves claimable? To turn them into gang hideouts, intall traps and declare it as a treasure dungeon, etc.? That would be interesting.

  2. Unfortunately caves are not claimable land. However, you can easily create your own warrens underground by extending your claim downwards. With a little work, you can even make them look almost natural. There is still much to be added to Landmark including monsters and a combat system. This is only closed beta, so who knows what they'll end up with!


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