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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

TESO: Still Searching for Skyshards

***Spoiler Alert***

I had a lot more success locating Skyshards last night than the night before. I was able to locate three and obtain Immovable under my heavy armor skills. I also had some pretty decent luck in dungeons. I did not see the bot problem I've seen on other nights. Perhaps it was because it was later at night (8 PM PDT) and bots have to get their eight hours of beauty rest. But it is just as likely Zenimax is currently got the upper hand in their bot war. Either way, have a look at the wonderfully empty dungeons where I was able to kill bosses without fighting my way through a crowd of bots. It was wonderful. Hell, at one point I even failed to identify the boss because there was no crowd standing around waiting to kill it. Derp to me! Anyway, the video is 70 minutes long. I could make them shorter, but I'm not Pew Die Pie, so what does it really matter? I'm nowhere near as funny as he is anyway. XD


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  1. Zenimax is really pushing the anti-botting campaign. They posted no fewer than three announcements from GMs last night while I was playing and I went about two hours without seeing (I believe) a single bot.


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