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Monday, May 26, 2014

TESO: My Hardest Decision Yet

***Spoiler Alert***

My first quest in Rivenspire continues. With my assistance, Lieutenant Fairfax and his Shornhelm troops are holding their own against House Montclair's army. I have taken the medical supplies to his healer, Heloise Menoit. She was concerned about the Hinault family whose farm is ground zero for the current skirmish, so I've agreed to accompany her to check on them. As the fighting rages around us, we make our way through the dark to the farmhouse where the family has barricaded themselves against the dangers outside. But not all is as it seems on this foul night.



  1. There are problems with TESO, but the writing is definitely not one of them.

  2. mabrick, i was wondering if you only play solo or are part of a group? do you only do quests or do you grind mobs to raise your levels? i like your movies and wanted to say thanks.

  3. Greetings Storm Axe. I rarely grind anything. I have gone "hunting" on occasion, but this is always in conjunction with exploring. I do mainly quests to level. I also visit every "icon" I can find in an area and turn it white - in other words complete it. This includes dungeons as well as anything else I can find like Titan Claw in Stormhaven. I've done several anchors as they are just fun for me. I have only tried one group dungeon and the group never materialized. I ran through the grouping system half a dozen times and said, "this sucks" and moved on. I've not tried since. There will definitely more movies. :)

  4. that's cool, cuz that is how i play eso. i'm solo. i played eve solo as well. i like eso better by far because a solo player can have a lot of fun. i think one of my best moments was when i stumbled into m'aiq the liar for the first time. i like exploring all the nooks and crannies. my search for resources takes me into every corner and there is at least a lorebook to find. its just fun. zeni is making good progress towards fixing the bugs and the game gets better with age. at some points when i dont feel like moving around i will drown some worms and catch some fish. sort of like mining in the early eve days. thx for what you do.

  5. […] the terrible decision I had to make concerning Heloise Menoit, I proceeded into Shornhelm to talk with Countess Tamrith as my friend Darien Gautier suggested. […]

  6. […] I’d seen the bloodfiends Reezal-Jul had made of the townsfolk, and it revolted me. Also, the death of Heloise Menoit still weighed heavily on my heart. Reezal-Jul needed to pay for his crimes against the people of […]


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