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Thursday, May 15, 2014

TESO: Defeating the Omen of Betrayal

***Spoiler Alert***

Last night I continued the main quest line in Stormhaven. I had one more Skyshard to locate, but I was fairly certain it was in the quest zone: the only area I hadn't explored. So I met Abbot Durak at Shinji's Scarp as requested when I saved the abbey. He directed me to assist General Godrun. The general wanted the ogre's incursion into Stormhaven stopped as quickly as possible so he could get on with a more urgent campaign. That was odd, but I did as he asked. Dodging rocks is fun. :D I collapsed the cavern the ogres were using to get into Stormhaven and informed the General. That's when he ordered his men to march on Wayrest! Fortunately Abbot Durak but him to sleep before the order could be relayed. The General was under the influence of the Omen of Betrayal. I proceeded into General Godrun's dream to combat that last Omen. Here's how the battle went. I only had to do it once. Immovable for the win! Then I found out it was all a ruse to hide Vaermina's true target.


I'll let you all know how saving the king goes in my next The Elder Scrolls Online post. ;-)

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