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Monday, May 19, 2014

TESO: Defeating Galthis

***Spoiler Alert***

In my last The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) post, I discovered the three Omens Vaermina had sent to disrupt the political balance in Stormhaven, and thus all of the Daggerfall Covenant, was basically an elaborate ruse. While I was busy pursuing Omens in the dreams of others, Vaermina was secretly working on undermining the very heart of the Daggerfall Covenant, High King Emeric. To him she had assigned the Night Terror 1 , her former consort Galthis, who is a monstrosity more feared in Oblivion than perhaps Vaermina herself. As I slew the last of the Omens, High King Emeric succumbed to the Night Terror and not even Abbot Durak could enter his nightmare. However, as you saw in the last video, Azura gave me the means to enter High King Emeric's dream. However defeating Galthis and rescuing King Emeric was something I'd have to figure out on my own. And, I got more than I bargained for. Here's how it went.


  1. Once again the quest writers of TESO made me smile, if wryly. A night terror is an actual, horrifying episode that I've personally experienced. I'm one of the luck 1% of adults discussed here. When you are dreaming, the body places itself into a form of paralysis so you cannot move. That's either to keep yourself from injury, or perhaps an evolutionary adaptation to keep predators from knowing where you sleep. Either way, you can't move. This is usually not an issue. However, it is possible for a person to regain consciousness while this sleep paralysis is still in effect. And to make matters worse, the brain is in such a state of neural flux being in a weird state between wake and sleep, that the auditory centers of the brain are in a heightened state of arousal. It is inevitable that the brain, for lack of other stimulus, will amplify any noises heard, turning them into auditory hallucinations. They go something like this, "Why yes, that creaking you just heard was the loose board at the bottom of the stairwell as the axe murder started his ascent to hack your family and you into bloody chunks!" You easily convince yourself of your impending doom. You're mind goes into flight or fight mode, and you can do neither. You are paralyzed. No matter how much you try, you cannot move. You cannot yell to warn your family. You will watch in terror as the axe murder dismembers your family, and finally, mercifully, on you. That is a night terror. I do not recommend. Night terrors are one reason I do not do horror. But back to the crazy good quest writers,  when King Emeric expresses disappointment in not achieving the peace of death... that was perfect. That's exactly what it's like. A really bad night terror is no laughing matter. It's completely real to those who have them, so I can very much sympathize with King Emeric's disappointment. I'd feel the same way if my entire existence was one long night terror. 

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