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Monday, May 5, 2014

It's Weird When Games Collide

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I play The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO.) I have tried EVE Valkyrie (EV) and will do the, "just take my money..." thing when Oculus Rift becomes available. Of the two, I am far more excited about Oculus Rift than TESO. Even though I am having a lot of fun with the latter title, I'd drop it in a heartbeat to put on Oculus Rift and play EVE Valkyrie. But for now, I spend more time in TESO than elsewhere.

So it's sort of weird when those two worlds collide head on.

Oculus responds to claims that it stole VR tech from Fallout parent company

ZeniMax, you've lost a lot of cred with this move. I've put up with shortcomings in TESO because the good has outweighed the bad in my experience of the game. But this bone-headed trollish behavior makes me want to reconsider my relationship with you.

Fortunately, it seems like Oculus VR was ready for this claim. I'm fairly certain Palmer Lucky is no dummy. But if he did use any of the code he wrote for Zenimax, I'm sure it's been purged from Oculus VR systems as it is no longer relevant because of all the improvements made over the past two years. That code would be obsolete at this point.

No, ZeniMax is being a troll. Now I wonder what else they are being trollish about. Ten bone-heads to ZeniMax.

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  2. Did you mean this for the post "Back to Basics?"


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