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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Back to Basics

I spent around 18 months as part of a player run corporation and ultimately a largish alliance. I made myself available as a resource for others. I played the game the way CCP wants the game played. I helped make content. I participated in roams and bashes. I defended my home, no matter how badly. I helped take other's homes away from them. I was decidedly outside my comfort zone. Not because I can't do all those things, and even become expert at some of them. I prefer to make my own way in the universe. It's just the way I am. Even in RL I don't like relying on other people. During the times I am most honest with myself, when the night is so deep the disquiet of my own thoughts scream like a band saw ripping through my brain, I know it's because I feel others will always let me down. I've good reason to believe that way. I've long been the only person I was absolutely certain I could rely on. And if I fail, well then, I'd be the only one affected, now wouldn't I? Those feelings more than any other caused my hiatus from New Eden over the past several months. That time is over.

But I'm not going back to relying on other people, no matter how well-intentioned. And with the upcoming release of Kronos, the more rapid release schedule, and the unknowns that come with all the changes to industry in general, I find myself reluctant to get involved in any big industrial endeavors. So I am going to do two things. First, I am going back to basics. I fell in love with EVE Online while a lone wolf miner in Verge Vendor. I may not have played directly with other people, but I was always playing alongside other people. I'd watch what they did. I'd occasionally chat in local. I'd relax. That's something I haven't been able to do with EVE Online for a long time. I find I long for those stress free days of making ISK one asteroid at a time. So I'm going back to basics.

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The second thing I'm going to do I've already done. And because I value my lone wolf status, I'm just going to leave it there. Those who know me can probably guess. But what's the sense in that? You can always run a locator agent on me. It's not like I've left high-sec or anything. ;-)

Fly Careful


  1. I can appreciate that. I have been a lone player for a couple years myself. My corp mates have, at one time or another, gotten burnt out and either quit, or when they come back I've already moved on.
    The way I play Eve must not be conducive to a player-corp environment. I don't know what the issue is, but I've tried to make it work in Corps. Same as you: being active, available and reliable.
    So my social setting for the past couple years has been me, myself and alts. Here's to solo MMO!

  2. "Playing alone, together." is a rather powerful concept, especially in modern society where most day jobs require team-work, whether you like it or not. I try to split the difference: during normal play nights, I do my own thing, but am present in chat channels and on teamspeak. On roams, I am now tending towards flying Interceptors, where I can do my independent thing and still contribute to the overall effort.

  3. I can be kind of a loner, too, even though I've got a great group of people to hang out with and my husband and some close friends also play. I'll sometimes be in the chat channel while they're off doing stuff together and I'm running L4s alone.

    I totally get what you're saying about how you affect only you if you fail and how you're reliant on yourself. One reason I've continued to run L4s solo is because I feel more comfortable single-handedly managing aggro and spawns and not having to worry if a fleet mate gets stuck somewhere or sets something loose and is now in danger of blowing up.

    I ran Worlds Collide one night in a group that could easily have soloed it with any one of the high end ships that were brought, and yet with all that firepower on the field we lost everything but my lowly T2-fit Drake. I felt guilty for weeks after that, because I'd run it a number of times by myself and still couldn't keep people from losing expensive boats when they flew with me. I still feel bad about it, to be honest. I should've been able to fix it and couldn't.

  4. I have pretty much done this myself. And almost similar fashion. Although I will be keeping... a lower profile on the radar.

    All pos have been shut down.
    All PI has ceased.
    No more fleet work.

    It's the quiet hum of the lasers in the lonely night; me, the ship and the asteroids.

    Veldspar is my bodhi tree.

  5. I have played and enjoy playing as part of a corp and an alliance. My alts however, have their own corp, and do just exactly what you're talking about. The simple joy of killing rocks...I like it when an asteroid belt goes "poof" and space becomes empty with all those nice rocks in my cargo hold. :-)

    Mabrick, you know the quiet little back corner of space where I hang out. A few friends of mine from earlier EVE days have joined me for a while to simply relax and recharge their batteries before returning to other pursuits. It's a nice life.....

    You are always welcome to come visit or stay. I can point you to where all the nice rocks live..... :-)

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