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Friday, May 9, 2014

A Strange Twist of the Space-Time Fabric

In a strange twist of the space-time fabric, theoretical physics and the universe of gaming have collided. The family van of Richard Feynman, the Nobel Prize winning theoretical physicist who gave us the Feynman diagram, has been restored to it's original condition by Seamus Blackley, the inventor of the Xbox - which I own.

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You can read all about it at Symmetry Magazine, a joint Fermilab/SLAC publication. The best paragraph, another strange confluence of gaming and physics, is the first paragraph.

“The game I play is a very interesting one,” says Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman in a low-resolution video posted to YouTube. “It’s imagination in a tight straitjacket.”

Now haven't we all felt that way a time or two? Thank you Seamus Blackley for saving this icon of geekdom.


  1. Are you saying that you own an XBox, Seamus Blackley, or a van?

  2. The relative pronoun which refers to things only, so you can safely deduce I do not own Seamus Blackley. That leaves only the van, the Xbox and also the Feynman diagram oddly enough. But since Feynman's gift to mankind was his diagrams, any previous ownership or subsequent claims to ownership would be null and void. That leaves only the van and the Xbox. In cases of potential noun/pronoun confusion, style manuals advise one should always apply the pronoun to the noun right before it in the sentence. That noun is the proper noun Xbox. Therefore I own an Xbox.


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