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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

You Still Have My Attention CCP... and a Prize Pool!

EDIT 5/2/2014: CCP announced during the EVE Online keynote address the Kronos expansion is scheduled for release on June 3, 2014. I will no longer accept pool entries for the PLEX prize. Now we wait to see if that is, in fact, the date it launches!

Here's what we know so far.

  • CCP has a vision to revitalize EVE Online.

  • Realization of this vision will take 2 to 4 years (it's been a year since last Fanfest so -1 year.)

  • This vision has been described as Farms and Fields.

  • This vision includes allowing players to build stargates and have more direct control over New Eden.

  • To realize this vision, there needs to be an overhaul of the entire industry system.

  • Industry pervades almost all aspects of EVE Online in one way or another, so changing it will have ramifications for all players.

It's easy to make a quasi-biased somewhat intuitive leap of logic here. All this will benefit experienced players like me more than others. That is, in fact, what I rather overtly implied in my post , Building Better Worlds for Whom? I do not recant my opinion. But I read something in the latest dev blog, and it's got me intrigued.

"The first is intended to act as a "pull," giving people a reason to come together and build in the same space, and the second allows players to do so in a more organic way. Counteracting this will be pricing that rises in line with activity, acting as a "push" to incentivize people to spread out. Carefully balancing these two forces gives industrial players another decision to make, and having the values be both continuous and varying over time (on the scale of weeks and months) creates a decision that 1) has an interesting range of options; and 2) has the potential to change over time."

When I read the specifics above this quote, I came to the same conclusion. It really could do this. It adds a complexity to running a business in EVE Online that is very real. RL companies have to decide where it's best to build new manufacturing facilities all the time. They have to weigh things like worker education, taxes, wage laws, etc. This is similar thinking, and ought to provide more interesting industrial gameplay - at higher experience levels.

There's the grind for me. It really doesn't do anything for the new bro, with the exception perhaps of raising the entry barrier for industrial gameplay. That said, it does leave them mining. In the overall scheme of things, between the lines of what we know so far, mining could be considered the entry-level position of industry. And in the barge rebalancing, CCP did make them a lot more survival which helps new bros stay in industry.

You know what else has me intrigued? This thing called Teams, which is evidently what the last dev blog will be about. I am curious to know if teams will allow for specialists within the industry professions. Will characters be able to become an expert miner, or expert researcher? Would that expertise become a marketable skill? I suppose that all depends on what the bonuses, or lack thereof, will be for team play.

We should know tomorrow. CCP is pushing all these dev blogs out before Fanfest. That way they will be free to discuss the changes in detail, drop more hints about what the future will bring, get us all excited over the oooooos and the aaaaaaaahs, and give us the actual date we can expect to see the industry revamp go live. I expect the date will be early to mid June. I should run a pool...

Right. Let's do it. The prize is a month of EVE Online in the form of a PLEX contracted to the winner's character by Mabrick. Here's what you must predict. On what date will the industry revamp go live?

Here are the rules.

  • Only one guess per person because there are only so many dates available.

  • The announced date at Fanfest is not the date you're guessing. What you are guessing about is the actual date the revamp goes live; best laid plans of mice and men and all that. We won't know a winner until after everyone's client is patched.

  • Leave your guess in the comments section of this post along with the name of the character who will receive the prize. If you want to be extra certain I understand who gets the prize, link your EVE Gate page like this:

  • First person to have guessed the correct date according to GMT will win. If two or more people guess the same date, only the first person to choose that date according to the GMT date/time stamp of the comment wins. In other words, don't pick a date someone else has already claimed!

  • If no one gets the correct date, I'll give the prize to the closest date. If two people are equally close (as in they straddle the actual date) the prize goes to the first person to have recorded their guess as above.

  • The pool ends when CCP announces their planned date. Any guesses made after the announcement (according to the GMT date/time stamp of the comment) will not count. The announcement does not have to be an official announcement. If the date slips, the pool ends and we wait for the actual revamp to go live. I have the Fanfest live HD stream so I will know. I will have weeks to weed out anyone who doesn't make the cutoff.

  • Members of the CSM are not eligible. Sorry, you may have insider information. And for gods' sake, don't violate your NDA for the sake of a silly PLEX.

Good luck!


  1. June 10th.

  2. June 17th

  3. July 1st

  4. June 13

  5. June 3rd

  6. June 24th

  7. June 24th
    CM Holder

  8. May 27th

  9. June 15th

    Rottingham Joringer

  10. July 5th

  11. June 25


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