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Friday, April 18, 2014

First Full Set of Armor, Finally

[caption id="attachment_2287" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Lion Guard Armor - Full Set Lion Guard Armor - Full Set[/caption]

I had some down time between panels this afternoon and got in an hour of TESO. I've finally made it to 15th level and can now wear the entire set of Lion Guard Armor I earned two levels ago. I actually have a pair of greaves that give a better armor class, but frankly I love the look of a complete set and will take the 11 point hit. Besides, I make those black tights look absolutely smashing. ;-)

One thing I wish ZeniMax would have done was give a little extra bonus to having an entire set. It wouldn't have to be much, perhaps just a bit fast stamina recovery for having it all because it's made to work together. Unfortuantely all I get for having completed the main quest line in Glenumbra is a better look. I'll take it, but I'd really like ZeniMax to consider the other as well... after they get the bug fixes done of course.

I could leave Glenumbra now. I've got the first quest to take me outside Daggerfall's region. But I am going to stick around and find the five Skyshards I've not yet found. There's no reason to leave extra skill points on the table as it were. I'm turning into quite the tanky healer. Between spells, shield charge and puncture I can take most adversaries down before they even have a chance to swing. But, I can alway be better. So I'll seek out the remain Skyshards and then I'll take my leave. Until then, good hunting!


  1. Hi Mab,

    Having a little fun in TESO myself, though I am finding it somewhat grindy. Quick question - what are you going to focus on? The tank side? Spell damage? Also, I found the heavy armor skill immovable to be pretty much invaluable.

  2. I've been concentrating on Sword and Shield (Imperial bonuses are nice!) and heavy armor. For spells I've concentrated on Dawn's Wrath and Restoring Light. I've some invested in Bow, and one SP in medium armor. I've considered re-apportioning them into those first four primary skill lines as I use the bow much less now that I've got shield charge and a decent bash. I've also invested as much as I can in my Imperial bonuses. They are the main reason I've gone more tank than medium armor healer. I've not yet taken immovable because my axe provides a damage shield. That doesn't prevent knock down, but provides enough buffer I felt taking some extra Imperial skills worthwhile. However, before I move into the final quests in Stormhaven I'm pretty certain I'll need to get it.


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