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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Checking In to Check Out

I've completed my CSM9 ballot. Go me.

[caption id="attachment_2273" align="aligncenter" width="733"]CSM9 Vote Registered CSM9 Vote Registered[/caption]

Unlike others, I have no recommendations or endorsements. We all know who's going to be elected for certain, and where the remaining slots will probably fall out. I simply went through Vote Match and picked those 14 that most closely matched my likes and dislikes. For any interested to know, here's how that fell out.

[caption id="attachment_2272" align="aligncenter" width="800"]CSM9 Picks CSM9 Picks[/caption]

It occurs that I've voted for Mike every single time. :) I voted for riverini because we have a past and it's my way of saying thanks! Alas, that doesn't mean it wasn't last place. He didn't fill out the Vote Match profile so I have no way to know if we actually agree on things. :/

Second to lastly - CCP... you have my attention in spades. I need to look at Building Better Worlds more closely before I run off at the keyboard, but DAMN this UI is a thing of beauty.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Proposed Manufacturing UI Proposed Manufacturing UI[/caption]

Lastly, I am going on vacation for the next week. My posts, if they happen at all, will be as sporadic as my online game play will be. I am going to Norwescon 37. I'll say hello to Michael Moorcock for y'all. With any luck, I'll get to have a drink with Seanan McGuire. Nothing like that you pervs. We have a mutual friend. The con actually looks to have an excellent gaming schedule too. Table top may be old school, but it's fun as Red Dwarf. Maybe I'll take some pics and post them. Maybe I'll be too busy playing. I'm not going to commit either way. :-P

Also, DFTBA. :D




  1. Stormbringer…! The final Elric book just blew my mind way back when I first read it, a loooong time a go, though I always liked the Corum books just that little bit more. Lucky sod in other words :)
    On the voting, I think you’re right. Certain candidates are likely to be a lock. Your vote match was not too dissimilar to mine, though I tried to listen to as many pod casts before finalizing.

  2. Arioch! Arioch! Blood and Souls for my Lord Arioch!
    Elric is an unforgettable character.

  3. That screen IS intriguing. I’m glad this part of the game is finally getting some love.
    I’ve been tearing apart those latest devblogs for a while now, trying to read the tea leaves and figure out what this all means for my indy alt. My hunch is that things will be more *interesting*, but I have no idea yet what impact there’ll be to profitability.
    I confess to being a bit of a standings snob. I put in the time to get my numbers to 7 so I’d have more high sec systems to pick from for POSes. I would’ve thought I’d be more like, “Well, hmph, *anybody* can hang a POS now,” but I’m just not having that reaction at all. I guess I’m mostly glad more people will be getting into this side of the game.


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