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Friday, March 28, 2014

Operation Moho: Arrival

My last post, Operation Moho, outlined how I planned to get a lander probe to Moho, land it, and get it back home. The tl;dr is that I docked a whole lot of fuel to the lander and then attached the most efficient drive section I could engineer to it. Here's how that went (notes in the descriptions, click on the first image to go into gallery mode.)

[gallery columns="4" ids="2092,2088,2086,2094,2087,2091,2085,2090,2095,2089,2093,2096"]

This is not the end of my Moho endeavor. Not by a long shot. This was simply phase two. Next week I'll post the results of phase three, the homecoming.


  1. I read wondering if you knew any place with good tutorials for kerbal. I bought the game after reading about it on your blog but I'm struggling to get a grasp on it.

    Any tips.

  2. There are a series of YouTube videos by Scott Manley that I find pretty good. He did a whole series of getting started videos. They are located here: I think you'll find them constructive. I did! :-)

  3. Thanks a ton mate. I just started today with career mode and I'm struggling to gain science. But will check out those videos when I finish work.

  4. AH! The first video is on gaining science. Enjoy! :-)


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